New Works

A little further along with this new piece…found a nice home for my Mandala.:slight_smile:
Crits, suggestions, opinions welcomed.





Thanks for breaking down your process for the mandala. :+1:
You are moving right along with this one, I like the repeats of the mandala in the foreground, it is staging the center piece well I think.

Yes, I recognized your style right away as well as the seals. Good to see you here at ZBC. :slight_smile: Speaking of the seals, I really like the three women and the seals. It is just a little dark, but I think that is a really strong piece.

Keep up the good work, it is really interesting to see a different approach.

Thank You DirtRunner for the feedback…ALWAYS HELPFUL AND MUCH APPRECEATED…:+1: :slight_smile:
Really like those water bison testing each other out in your thread,.You do great anamals…:slight_smile:

Some more work done on this piece.
Z Brush/Painter #10 Combo.
Crits,suggestions,opinions welcomed.




Further along with this new composition…brought in a couple of sculptures that I created awhile back…the couple in the left forground, and the flowers and vase in the right forground.
Z Brush/Painter #10. Combo.
Crits,suggestions,opinions welcomed.




A little 3d wood carving resently done just for fun.

EARTH MAN 41.jpg


EARTH MAN 40.jpg

now your making something looking interesting. I think you should make that female into a sculpt aswell as that5 lizrd and that butterfly. then work on a cool composition and photoshop them together nicely. thing about a story and you too will have a cool looking image…

SadamHu…Who are you…:qu: ,…I can’t seem to find any of your work posted anywhere…I would like to know from whom i’m getting advice, suggestions, and opinions from,…before I give them the credance that they are due.:slight_smile: When you say…Think of a story and you too will have a cool looking image,…i’m assuming that you are meaning as compared to your images,…so where are yours anyway…:qu:
As far as being interesting goes, that is something that is relative, and is totally in the eye of the beholder…:slight_smile:

um, how did you model that wood? looks pretty dope

SpiritDreamer, I have been watching your work and must say that I find it very refreshing to find someone doing something completely different (little Monty Python reference:)).

I find your work very interesting indeed, as for critiques, I would always try to give advice on work that someone puts effort into as you so obviously do, the main thing that I would say is that some of the textures do not seem to look like they belong in the same scenes. Does this make sense or does that just seem from left field.

What I mean is that when I look as a peice I always looked for the things that do not seem like they fit into the scene … well I see your style seems to put things together that don’t normally fit anyway and that is sort of the style in itself … so I look at it from a different perspective. For your work I would look at it as do the items seem to fit in other ways such as color, lighting, etc.

Therein is my quandry - some of the items are textured and or painted with a definite style that is obvious and some look like they were just covered with a mat cap and let ride which looks … odd at worst and unfinished at best.

If my comments are not taking into consideration any comments you may have posted about works being unfinished, etc. please forgive me, but your work is so very interesting to me I felt it was worth the emotional risk of giving my raw thoughts.

I would welcome any advice you might have for my work as well. My most recent is posted as a link in my signature.

Keep up the great and extremely interesting work!

Nero 5150…Thank You…That’s good dope I hope…:smiley:

Hosh… Thank You for taking the time to express what you feel about my work…really helpful and very much appreceated…:+1: :slight_smile:
I am still in the learning stage when it comes to Z Bush, and still have a ton of stuff in the program yet to learn.
Most of the stuff in this sketchbook is and will be experimental experiments and explorations,…just to see what works in a piece, and what doesn’t…There will be very few finished works in here…that is what a skethbook is for, and this is a sketchbook after all…and not meant to be a portfolio…I have one of those at CG Talk .link is below…I also have a sketchbook over there with 250 something pages in it…the link is below on that one also.
I approach my 3D work the same way I approach my 2d work…like a painting where an underpainting is applied first,…that’s the part in these 3d pieces that look like there is just some material applied at ramdom that doesn’t go with the rest of the work…like the golden oranges in some of these pieces…In the end, some of that gold wll shine through, throughout the work, adding a unifying color that creates a oneness in the piece…hopefully…the same as it would in a 2d painting…Same technique that alot of the old master painters used.
In any case, some will work, and some won’t…That’s just the nature of the game I PLAY…:smiley:

A what I consider finished piece…It’s all done in Z Brush…The wood grain is a Fatmire’s Material…can be found in the Matcap download repository…Fatmire does some really beautiful work using it…much better than mine…:slight_smile:




ok then ill let you get back to your masterpieces, i wont bother again.

SadamHu…You still didn’t answer my question,…Where are your works posted, I would really like to see them…:slight_smile:
I think it only fair…what do you think…:qu:
Masterpieces…They are also something that is relative, and something that is also totally in the eye of the beholder:)
Your welcome to bother me anytime you want to…just don’t expect me to agree with everthing that you bother me with…:smiley:

Pushing this piece further, and learning more and new things as I go along.:slight_smile:
Zbrush/Painter #10 Combo.
Crits,suggestions,opinions welcomed.




I really like your wood carving. Nice flow and mood. Your other pieces… I don’t know what to make out of them. They consist out of attractive parts composed in the worst way according to my perspective. Almost as if you are making fun out of the viewer. Like: “Now I am going to show you a very nice vase. And then I am taking a sledge hammer to it…”. Anyways, don’t take this to serious. I also know you are playing around enjoying the program. And that’s what is all about. Just please… be easy on the sledge hammer. Oh… and more of those carvings ;).

Agree with Lemo (his english is better to explain it)
Your images are looking like a country with 10 kings, all trying to be the boss.
But I am sure you will find the balance with the great sculpts you make. :+1:

Lemonnado and Bas Mazur…Ganging up on me now hey…LOL:eek:
I’m too old to take anything too seriously, except maybe my long standing relationship with my old lady, and sometimes I even have to laugh at that…:slight_smile:
I’m just having fun with my art at this stage in my life’s game…So as that song says…so don’t worry, …be happy…:smiley:
Salvadore DALI would love those two statements…A sledge hammer to a beautiful vase,…and 10 kings in one country…I can almost see the two paintings he would come up with using those two medaphores…:slight_smile:
THANKS for the feedback guys…ALWAYS, and VERY MUCH APPRECEATED.

On a more serious note,…here is a piece that has been in lurking in the back far reaches of my imagination for quite some time now.
I was a launcher technician on a Polaris Nuclear submarine…the SSBN Thomas Jefferson 618 blue crew…many many moons ago, about 40 years ago actually…still seems like yesterday at times…Anyway, I had my finger on the button to fire those 16 nuclear armed 2 warheads each missiles…too many times that I would even care to think about.
This is my self portrait expressing my thought abot that particular event in my young life.
The painting is one that I created awhile back,…it’s from a drawing that I did even further back in time.
I want to create and take it further using Z Brush, this AMAZING new technoligy that I hope will allow me to fully visulize this memmory of mine that haunts me to this very day, and probably to the day that I leave this crazy world that we all inhabit.
Any suggestions,opinions ect. for improvements while I create this piece, would be very much welcomed and ver much appreceated.








SpiritDreamer - thanks for both the response on this thread and the critique and suggestions on my thread and thanks for enlightening me a bit on your process:).

I love the work Salvador Dali too!

Nice one the last one. Seems a little challenge and ganging up on you does work wonders ;). And who knew that we have a Dolphin among us.

Hosch…No problem…my pleasure…what goes around comes around…:slight_smile:
I hope you get a chance to get those Burne Hogarth books I mentioned…Really will make your life and task alot easier…for the piece your on, and any you do in the future also.

Bas Mazur…Salvadore DALI…Yep, one of the greatest and most original of the Dream Catchers.and also a very very deep well of inspiration for me over the years.:slight_smile:

Lemonnado…Yep…I always come out swinging when backed into a wall…and never would have made it as a Dolphin, if I couldn’t take the pressure…literally…LOL.:smiley:
Thanks for the push guys…Much appreceated and needed.:+1:

Pushed this piece further…learning alot from it as I push…Using Z Brush, I used the old Da Vinci method of overlaying thin transparent color glazes/tints over certain standoutish sledge hammered elements to unify those elements in the piece, and to creat a greater sense of color harmony,unity and oneness…I don’t want any Kings in this piece, …just one Queen,.and she has her back to the viewer, checking out her realm…:slight_smile:
The bottom battle scene is just a quick little sketch that I made using Z SPHERE’S…I had planned on turing it into a painting, but never got around to it…:smiley: