new wip

male face , wip



it doesnt even look like its the same model , but i learn and discover as i work

i think this one looks better , but i need sleep :slight_smile:

Great wip!

thank you

Looking good :+1:, I think the ears need a bit of attention though. Looking forward to some more.

got face i like ,forgot to finish ears :frowning:
how are the proportions ?

with a bit of luck i finally finish something :slight_smile:

almost there

more character to hes face



aproximetly 60 minutes

some head proportions study , and looking into anatomy

fiew minutes longer

this time , trying hairs , and some colours , still dont have a clue what i am doing


and now, practice to sculpt animal head :smiley:

i cant do proper human yet ,i am trying to make wolf head , but it keeps coming out as rat so not yet :slight_smile:

repaired some proportions when looked at some human faces :slight_smile:

looks slightly better in my opinion

tried to render for the first time , removed hair , and repainted a bit

so many setting , i havent got a clue what they are for , just pressing buttons

Hey tomaszlanski, thanks for commenting on my work. I see you have been working alot on faces to, i really liked the bearded guy you made on you first page :slight_smile:
Seems like you are getting everything in the right place, try adding in finer details it will help bring more realism to your sculpts.

head , slowly getting there , and felling good :slight_smile: