New WIP (nudity)

Here is a new character I am working on-
I still have quite a way to go.


Very strong!
Is he going to be a Cousin It type?

Yeah, kinda. no fur though. The sheet will hopefully look more like satin.

Nice character design. would love to see more of this update. :slight_smile:

thanks Solid! Mantis Man turnded out really nice!

Here is an update…

Thank you, fluxist8070 :slight_smile: Glad you like Mantis Man.

I like the red cloak to this character. He’s looking mean even we don’t get to see his face! :cool:

Here is the latest.

So…I worked(polypaint) on the tools and made adjustments to the arms. After that, I baked this render and painted wit some of the 2d brushes. Feedback appreciated and thanks for looking!





It seems that i have become even more addicted to zbrush sculpting.
Here is an update on my worker. I am trying to dial in lighting and render settings.

Here is a female sculpt that I am working on.
I modeled the base mesh in 3DS max. It is the first model that I have made in the program. Usually I use Maya or XSI. Comments and Crits appreciated.
I plan on taking her through the whole workflow with normal maps and then into the Unreal Editor. I can’t resist a nice ZBrush pass though! I still need to work on the feet and fingers and anything else that is pointed out.




Heh, she kinda looks like me, big butt, small breasts. :lol: I haven’t gotten half this far, still starting out, but I am a portrait artist normally. The area around her nares looks just a little too sunken, especially around the top where the nares connect to the face. Fill it in a little and it will look less defined, which is a good thing. Also, if her butt is that big, her thighs should match, and extend the lower legs a little, she looks ankle-less. You are doing well with her, and I really like your red cloaked character. Great job on him. :wink:

Digiclay, Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate the feedback. I actually had to look up the meaning of nares:p…got it now. thanks for your help! I started out as a painter before 3D. If you can draw, you will get the hang of this stuff.:slight_smile:

Boy I hope so, My first creation was a lopsided vase that looked like it half melted in the kiln. :smiley: I hope it gets better from here and I will be close to what you and others I see on here do. I am simply fascinated with the entire program, hope to figure out the paint mode soon. On to more tutorials. :wink:

femalewires.jpg Here are some wires…

dude keep it up man if you ever made a costume of the red dude i would buy it man rock on

thats good for a maya job, its really difficult to get a natural looking face out of normal modelling, thats what zbrush is for.
Pulling points and knifing areas is a pain, theres just too many points to pull with too little time, all it needs is a good going over with zbrush in all the robotic areas.

Here is a quick look at the hands.

Good stuff, especially your first character – I’m liking the renders.

The thumb looks a bit small on the hand and the little finger might be a bit long? Hands can look even more like “hands” if you slightly exaggerate the curvature of the fingers along the finger tips.

Difficult subject because we all have a set of them to look at all the time. :slight_smile:

Nice work that grave digger character is a nice concept.