New to Zbrush Central and looking for feedback

Hello all,

I’m new to this site and want be part of this community.
I’m hoping to get some feedback on a sculpt I’m working on.
I really appreciate your time writing one.

I made a female face. I’m working on my anatomy.





Hi and welcome Anubix;-)

I was/am in your shoes. And knowing how much a little feedback can motivate, I´ll give you some advice. My personal observations. Nothing fancy.

Seeing that you only have 1 post on the forum. Let me start by saying.

I´m not that active on this board, and as a learner I guess you have to be a part of the community or a small group. The road to this probably could be commenting or asking when you see something pleasing or puzzling. That might draw some attention to your work, and show people that you are a frequent visitor. I never did that… I´m not that good with words and it can be quite time-consuming.

But tell a little bit about how you do your stuff!

Your model has an angry expression. Everything is quite neutral except forehead and brow area. I would go for a neutral expression to start.

Front and profile looks nice, 3/4 has a lot of issues. Makes me think that you´re using backdrop (see through) reference, which is ok, but hard.

3/4: your model needs feminine features. The jaw is very sharp and bony, missing volume between the eye and the brows, the ears (im lazy there too) needs to be at least blocked in, and are very disturbing you need a lot of depth there too.
Mouth needs to be embedded and curve a lot near the cheeks.

Generally the face is too flat and generic. You need to Exaggerate every feature you have i´d say. Ears, mouth, nose eyes, skin folds.

But it´s a long process. make 5 similar more coarse faces. Think about the features and the curves.

But (not knowing how long you’ve been zbrushing) it’s a really good start!
Trust me i started a long time ago working with Zbrush and a mouse for a too long time :wink:

Dont ever Zbrush with a mouse! Get a pen if you haven’t already.

Happy Zbrushing!

Really big thanks for looking into my post :slight_smile:

You gave some really good advice and feedback

I hope I can fix it soon. I think I stared at it to long so I din’t noticed the flaws.
Also I din’t use refrence for this one. I wanted to push my knowlegde.
I already got a cinitqe alternative which is very nice.

Now I’m going to check your work out.

You’re welcome

And keep posting :slight_smile: