New Stager - Can same transformation be used with other subtools?

I am trying to use the new 2021.7 Stager feature. Are multiple subtools supposed to remain aligned sized as you edit in either staging location?

Things are shifting around after editing, like eyebrows and hair moving off center. I hope that this isn’t because editing individual subtools alters their home / target values relative to others. The gizmo does not move with the staging location which seems odd.

Or is there a folder feature to move groups of subtools back and forth from home to target?

Thank you.

@PrinceSquare FYI

Hi Artmaker,
I stumbled about this issue too. I guess this is the reason for the problem. Cannot be meant like this…

NB: If you want to move several ST between stages at the same time, you can use: All To Target’ and ‘All To Home’ in the ST palette


Thanks for the feedback and confirmation that you are experiencing the shifting too.

Fingers crossed that there is an easy solution. This will another great feature if alignments are maintained after sculpting on the various subtools.

I think I know the fix possibly.

I was using Stager for the first time just now and didn’t know there was a all to target thing in the subtool palette. So I was setting home and target for the individual subtools. It’s possible that when you use all to home/target, it will try to use the individual targets and if none are found, use the selected tool’s?

Also, have any of you had warping when returning a mesh to home? I just posed a body and when I pressed return to home it was very badly warped. Is there a way around that? Stager is almost perfect for what I need.

Correction / update: I had been only editing in the home position. Which is not realistic. I just tried some edits to the subtool in the target position, then all-to-home. Areas of the mesh got messed up. Like it was using some old history strokes.

More update: Seems to happen when I lower the subdivision at the target, sculpt, move to home, then increase the subdivision once homed.

@PrinceSquare For now, I’ve been keeping the same scale between home and target out of superstition mostly.

I did start using “all to target/stage” more and being very careful to keep checking for any misalignments.

Some other things to share / get feedback on:

  • For new subtools that need the same home/target positions, maybe there is a better way, but duplicating a subtool that already has the correct home/targets set, then merge it down onto the new subtool. Then delete pieces that aren’t needed.

  • I noticed that split-to-parts loses the home target info, so instead, I duplicate subtools then delete pieces I don’t want.

Very, very useful feature for sculpting faces/heads/hair/eyes in a home, orthogonal position, then checking in the pose. Interested in seeing how well this works with grids to double check faces against front and side view references.

Would love to hear what Pixologic says about the warping/shifting issue and to see a deep dive video from an expert on this topic.

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