New sketchbook 2020

Hi there folks. Im back…again. Creating a new sketchbook to keep updating regularly


Off to a great start!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star:!!

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Thanks! I was away for so long. time to fill this sketch book the right way :smile:

These are awesome! Love the material effects you applied. Really nice stuff! Thanks for sharing.


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Great to see you back. These are awesome. Thank you for sharing.

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Very cool stuff @digitalmind, my favorite being the lady in a dance pose :clap: Thanks for sharing!

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PIGGYSON- Thank you! Experimenting mixing materials on these :smiley:

PIXOPAUL- Thanks a lot! Glad to be back into action :grinning:

JAIME - Thank you very much! Had a great time working on that posing. More stuff coming :smiley:

Hey folks! Couple of pieces im working one :grinning:

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