New in the Hood! and My version of the Joker

Hi Guys,
I love this Forum and I love being here and see all the works that the amazing people here are doing
and finally I decided to become a member here too…
so here is some of my works…
Hope you like them! :smiley:

Here is my version of the Joker

And my Italian Mobster…





Very impressive! Mr J is my favorite DC villain, along side Lex and Darksied of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the fine details you’ve added, very nice touch.
I too am fairly new to zbrush, just trying to figure it out.

Thanks Anthony… :smiley:
I Hope you will have fun with ZB…
and i’m looking forward to see your works!

I like the sculpt of the Italian mobster, it has really good balance and weight.