New creature concept

Hi there…here is a new concept I started today, coments on the idea and the proportion are ver y usefull…bye!creature_concept.jpg

Nice concept… I think you should check out the shape the
sternocleidomastoids muscles a bit more, and generally the neck muscles.
Such a head needs a massive kneck to support it… keep sculpting :wink:

Man oh man, that’s one heck of a tumour!!

Great sculpt so far. :wink:

IT’S NOD A TUMA! sorry had to be said

thanks for the coments…

yes the necks muscles needs more work … I will update it.

Hi! here is an update…



Looks like a cool looking Talosian (from original Star Trek series)! Great work so far!

neet direction your taking with these forms. are you working from a scetch or do you develope the concept as you go along?

It’s like a cone head x2. To be honest i don’t really like it, the oversized head is really plain, and it draws attention away from any detail in the face.

yes another update:+1: ,thanks for the reply are very usefull…I used a very basic sketch and then push out the form in zbrush…I am still working on it…

looks good… keep going.

Here another version…

he looks both smart and mean at the same time.

Much better I might say:) I like very much the new proportions of the scull towards the face and neck.He seems quite sure for himself and rather mean :wink: keep posting

ITs a very fun feeled creature conceptual Love the bottom lip.

Wouldn’t want to be the mother giving birth to THAT…

cool model, how did you come up with him. im having trouble coming up with ideas. this alien looks really intelligent. he looks like he can do chinese calculus in his head

I like it, looks really nice, I really enjoy the neck detail, and the new detail added to the head

I don´t have new update…but really thanks to all…pixmaker: I started him whit a very basic concept sketch and then push the shape in zbrush…no other secret…I will keep posting…Bye!

looks great!! Wouldn’t want to kiss him with such small lips. But then again, he doesn’t look like the kissing type. Geeks with brains that size never are.