new character design

Hi guys,

here’s a new character I’m doing…




Ok cool, more info??? In what apps? What does the mesh look like? Help us drool… :wink:

Knowing Michael it’s probably Zbrush and Lightwave, but I’ll let him do the talking. :wink:

p.s. gefeliciteerd met het interview op Spinquad, verdiend! :+1:

Now that’s looking really cool, Michael :smiley: very slick modelling and design :+1:

Can’t wait to see more from you …!


ill be watching this :+1: :+1:

Thanx a lot guys! appreciate the words…

Jason: I’ll send a wire-render next time I update… Thanx!

Anybody know a good blueprint-site other then:
http://www.The-Blueprints.com/, 'cause this ‘vet’ needs a ride… A jeep or other vehicle from around 1960…

Try http://www.suurland.com/. Lots there. Love the character design by the way. Very cool.

Hey thanx jumpingjellybean!

Here’s an update, quick (modeled) shaped a 60’s car…





Very nice model and very good topology… I always liked this style of characters, i find them very creative. Nice job!

I like it. It’s flows and got rythmn. A litte sharp round the nose but I think it works with the mouth and eyes.

Thanx guys!

Update on the car: SQ_B_manCar03.jpg

Cool looking charecter and i love the car:+1:

very clean, nice style!

Now, this is really good stuff.

thanx guys… appreciate the feedback… :smiley:

Very nice design. Awesome work!

Thanx guys!

here’s a first texture try:


Looking good. Made me smile. :slight_smile:

very nice!!! can’t wait to see the rest :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

nice clean modeling