new and need some advice

Something I seem to be struggling with is eyebrows, hair, and facial hair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This was a sculpt I did for practice, painted with polypaint.





https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnE2kGqpU3M time lapse of the process, had to record F history because zbrush crashed and I didn’t save my original timelapse. since I sculpted The Ear on a separate subtool and merged it sadly I was not able to record that part of the process.

Advice on hair and eyebrows would be helpful.

Raw Renders, Just working on proportions and what not. this isn’t a finished model just a general proportional study and the start to simple clothing.

Close up of the eyes. They were probably my favorite part, these were the first realistic eyes I had ever sculpted and I feel they fit really well into this sculpt.

Just some more anatomy practice

untitled.191.jpguntitled.192.jpguntitled.193.jpguntitled.194.jpgJust some more work. for the posing I was sorta inspired by old statues where the figures are always posed in super unnatural posses that end up being more funny than anything else. This is really just meant so I can practice anatomy and would really like some advice and observations so I can improve as an artist. I’ve really appreciated the advice I’ve gotten on some of my other posts.