NEW! An in-depth look at the "ZRemesher" with Joseph Drust

Yeah, i got this answer from someone in another thread about ZRemeshing and it worked perfectly

Thanks for the reply though!

Great video!!! I just have one question. When using the Polypaint feature of ZRemesher, how do you get it to update the scene view with the corresponding value’s color? I hit the Polypaint button, mouse over the viewport, and the mesh doesn’t change color no matter what value I use. Is there a hotkey or something to update the scene?


it will erase any polypaining you have on the model, so always make a duplicate, you need to fill the model with RGB turned on basically, 0 = white increasing polydensity is red.

I love Zremesher! I use zremesher guide too, very intuitive…

And the I saw this video… See 1:18 to 2:18.

Brings interactive retopo to a new level !!

Would be nice if zremesher guide could do that heehee :slight_smile:

Instant Field Aligned Meshes