Hello my friends!
Here is Newt Studio’s most recent science animation. We first presented it at ZBrush Summit 2019
For those of you who missed the live stream, there is a recording on Youtube on Pixologic channel.

You can also see there whole process of creation of the highly-detailed Neuron model. Similar to the one you will see in the video below.

NEURAL IMPULSE from Newt Studios on Vimeo.

Now about the animation:

We called it “NEURAL IMPULSE
Neurons transmit electrical impulses along their axons and activate nearby cells via their synaptic connections.

In this visualization, we wanted to break the mold of a typical neuron impulse animation. We dropped our camera into a network of pulsing multipolar neurons and fused a gritty edit breakdown with a driving dubstep soundtrack :slight_smile:

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Work In Progress: