Nerkahl, the elver scout

Hey everybody! first post here:)
A little about myself: I’m a Danish 17 year old fulltime college student (mathematics and physics). I’ve been pasionate about 3DCG for about 3 years and i’ve started sculpting 6 months ago.

I like to think up little stories about the sculpt im trying to achieve, here is what i had on this guy!
This is Nerkahl, an Elvish scout, wandering the elver kingdoms outscurts, always on the look for invaders or other dangers. He likes to drink his howegrown flower tea and to tell perverted jokes to his fellow scouts and friends. He could explain all the way through the night about what the elder counsil sitting in high guard is doing wrong but he won’t because “A kingdom must be rulled by its commons, that is clear, but they must never know that they’re doing so!”

I hope you like him and have some tips for my further improvement:)