nemus everto, dw3

Hi guys,

This is the first time i’ve posted on here, I saw a few guys had their dominance war work up so thought i’d do the same and show what i’ve done for dw3. I used zbrush for the sculpt and alot of the texturing work.

These are some of my final images which all use the low res model. i’ll render out the high res model and post that here when i get a chance. hope you like it. There are so many brilliant entries this year and it was great to be a part of such an inspirational event.

this first image was done after submition for fun.
first sighting:





here’s an earlier screen grab from zbrush before I worked on the ivy areas.




miiiighty impressive man!
a refreshing change from the others, i like the fact this has so much nature and elemental…er…elements in it :slight_smile:

thanks, i appreciate your comment. i didn’t make it into the final 50 but looking at the quality this year i’m not surprised. i can’t get my high res model to render so i won’t bother posting that as i mentioned before.

Hey man nice post, I tried this year (my first DW ever) but my modeling skills need to be perfectioned, and yes youve got quite an amazing piece of a tree, its amzing considering the other contestants, you get a nice tree feeling with this model, nice…awesome texture work, what game engine you used btw???