Need your feedback

Well, I have decided to redo my website in html only. I don’t have the flash/web/coding knowledge to make what I want…yet. But for now I am making a new navigation bar and would like to know what you all like best.
Here is the page

You can use the form to answer or just post your opinions.

Thanks for helping everyone.

BTW-i apologize now for the popups…I hate fortunecity but untill I get my own space…it will have to do.

Thanks again

I like the lower one with the star bg the best… Only suggestion I would have is to maybe change the font style on the pages to match the font in the banner… Pop-ups are definately there and my pop up blocker didnt kill them for some reason :^\

Nice paintings by your wife btw.

Thanks Nocturnal
My wife thanks you too.

As for the page fonts…thats a little tricky. See, the visitor has to have the actual font installed on their system to be able to see it. So I am forced to use default systen fonts to avoid conflicts.
It sucks…I know…but the more friendly on the eye…the better also.

Thanks for your opinion though. :wink: :+1:

B&w = 0
Color = 1


Here’s something you might be interested in concerning setting up a new website…


Maybe it looks too good to be true, but it can’t hurt to check it out…


Hi Swengali
Yes for 3 years but pay after :rolleyes:

Hi MtB
Color or not? it’s depend of the rest of the chart design :slight_smile:
For me out the fact of the choice of the police it’s the size who seems another time too little :slight_smile:
(think of all visitors who have no good view)
And just a little detail :slight_smile:
Why the text is not align with the little white circle on the 3 lines?
(I know it’s a fantasy of page setting but that can produce some desagreement at the moment of the choose section)
not vital of course :rolleyes:
Have funny web making!

Frenchy - In my haste, I have posted the image though all the graphics are not finished. Here is the next stage of design. I still need a few more elements to add but here is the next setup.

As for screen resolution, I have tested it and everything fits from 800x600 and up. Only 5% of visitors are smaller then that. I must admit that @ 800x600, everything looks pretty huge but when considering that they are only 17 % of visitors…its okay. I will edit the front page and add recommendations though.


I would take the upper black and white on
the same type background that it is on now.
Reason: impression of no nonsence conservative approach.
When they open it up: nail 'em
Good design in any case.

Some of the links are difficult to read in both images. For example “about” and “resume” look a little squished in the V direction. Just to note my monitor is set at 1280x1024. I have to say that the second image (colored one) is 10 times better than the B&W. If you could resize the text in the V direction by 5-7 percent, and optimize the image file a little more I think you would have a very nice nav bar. IMHO. :slight_smile:

I better understand :slight_smile:
About the size police now
Sincerly have you easly distinct the “A”,“B” and the “O” in “ABOUT” ? :slight_smile:
Me, I read Rbout ! :slight_smile: This police is not easy readable in little size !
What a penible this Pilou :smiley:

No the 1and1 is good, I just signed up yesterday before I posted it in the freebees. You can use it for 3 years then cancel or move to another free spot. So far it’s the best free webspace I have found. They only ask for your address and phone# when signing up, no credit card.

Oh and I like the grey scale one best mtb.
Perhaps a picture of a sunset over the franklins or christo rey for the background would be nice.

i like the color one, it has more depth and definetly is an “eyecatcher.” as alreadey been mentioned, my only complaint (other than those popups) is the words are way too hard to read. i found myself going letter by letter like in one of those vision test things. but other than that it looks excellent!


p.s. just curious, were these drawn in photoshop, or some other program?

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Artboy: They where made in Illustrator then imported into Photoshop.

Matuka: No offense but I am moving out of el paso, or as like to call Satan’s asxxxle. :stuck_out_tongue:
So a locate scene is not a good idea right now.

oh yeah…here is the color version for those who don’t want to brave the popup monster that is FortuneCity.


Here is another B&W one but with some bevels.

One more idea…from our good buddy Mentat. Thinking of increasing the size to 800 pixels too. helps the text I think.

[another edit] well, originally I was in favor of the colored one, but as things continue to develop :wink: I really prefer the more grayscale versions better – especially for a navbar which will be sharing the page with gallery pictures

oops…edited one more time…lol…sorry hav.

no prob – I’ll just try to make more generic comments :wink:

“the candidates in this race present a moving target to the voters” LOL

originally I did prefer the colored concept with the nebulae – maybe something along those lines would be inviting for the front door

but the more-grayscale versions with the circuit lines are looking a lot crisper now :+1:

do we get to vote on rollover colors for the links? #00FF00 will always have a special place in my heart :smiley:

Hi MtB
Of course for me the last :slight_smile:
Letters are began coming readable :slight_smile:
Maybe a solution
Your image is an Jpg file so the compression blur a little the letters.
It’s possible that on your prog you see something vey distinct but after the compress jpg that’s blur
One solution is saving in Gif format, a little more heavy but like the original :slight_smile:

A further note on the point I was trying to make on the use of a conservative black and white title page.
There is another thread,in this section where you and Pilou reference a site by cg networks,that is the effect I was talking about.
Black and White conservative design, but the images reach out and grab you.
Obviously If we were discussing a site who’s intention was to handle fine black & white reproductions, it wouldn’t work.

Thanks for the feedback rtyer