Need Help with making and unwrapping hair cards

I’ve been using fiber mesh with mixed results to make game hair (PC). One thing I’ve heard is that fibermesh shouldn’t be used for game hair because it’s too poly intensive (I mean by masking and generating fibers).

I tried making hair cards to no success. I got so desperate I bought an imm hair card brush with unwrapped uvs. I made one strand and flattened the uv to test it. To my horror, the ups didn’t flatten into rectangles like they should have. Instead, they flatten into big square shaped cards on top of each other. I need them as rectangles so I can apply textures. I’ve read I need to export it into a 3D software package like Maya or Blender.

However, I only have Blender, which has a really obtuse interface. How do I unravel the stack of cards and stitch them into rectangles in Zbrush? Is it even possible? If not I’ll have to wait until I’m more proficient in Blender and Zbrush.

Should I only worry about this when all of the hair cards are on my character? The character has long hair.

Please help. :sob: Thanks in advance.

did you ever find an answer to this? I’ve been scouring the internet but all i can find is this:

So apparently there is no problem with UVs IF you’re using 3 dimensional meshes in tri-part mode on a mesh that already has UVs but the moment you start using cards it just flat out won’t weld. And then if you do weld it it f*cks up the UVs.

I swear, i’m trying to find SOME way to use this workflow because fibermesh is so unruly and IMM curves are the most comfortable way to create hair, but its basically useless if you can’t actually use that hair in anything else… It doesn’t convert to xGen hair or splines, it doesn’t work as hair cards, its like they built the best hair tool in the industry and then kneecapped it so its perfectly useless.