[Need help] Hardsurface robot-worker. WIP

TL;DR I want to make a template for video presentations and static pictures, I described what I want to ask you a couple of examples from that would have to try.

Hello community Zbrush ! For a long time I was in stealth mode, but it’s time to get out of the Twilight :wink:

First of all I want to say that my English is far from perfect, I use a translator.

For a long time I did the simple things in zbrush, and a month ago, decided to do something cool that will not be ashamed to show people.
After a dozen lessons on creating characters viewed on the Internet, I chose the one you like the lesson from one amazing modeler and tried to do as much as possible like the character.
Some things are too obvious that they would have to tell, or are no longer relevant lessons on some issues, so I came to you, the community (the new version of the software, or too old lessons, or there trying to “hammer nails with a microscope”)
And so, that’s what I have, but this is not enough. Look at this, tell me how I can improve rendering.

My questions about the static image:

  • How should I put the camera?
  • Assists with what materials I need to do?
  • In what order to put these passes in Photoshop and mix them in any setting? (Your suggestions, I still have not packed hand so I want to try something that definitely works!)

Another point I want to make as here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExaC1L74HFM , but when he talked about the after effect, it did not go into details. It is not clear what effects it is used here, and that in general did.

For example, I shot two videos on which going to try out the effect is achieved with it. But I do not know the settings in the after effect, and I’m afraid that if I do this, too scattered, the work will be delayed until I burnt away.
(I shot the video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcUsol7ZMh8 )

Maybe he said it out loud to breakdowns, but I have not heard or not understood correctly, but questions about the video:

  • What passes it collected? (I did the fog as he does, and a red screen, which is the after effect is replaced by the black?)
  • What are the effects of blur except it uses? This tutorial is suitable for the creation of sharpness and blur? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7-1yKaQs2A or there is an option efficient (can presetting, templates, plugins?)

Right now I have spent a lot of time to develop this character, it was a long way to go and I went through it alone, I’m afraid that without the help I can get tired of doing it.
Ah, yes, to all who read, thank you very much, I appreciate it. Here is a render, which I did

(trying achive shot from this tutorial http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?82521-Isaac-Oster-Sketchbook-(breakdown-Pg-10)/page12 ) but I can not afford it to buy a lesson on the website where he explains the whole thing, and my skills in working with photoshop are not strong enough.

temikje@gmail.com mail me if you read and can help with this, but dont have account on zbrushcentral, like me past years.

or if you like instant messengers, u can easy join my skype conference, created for this thread! https://join.skype.com/oVMoW6kIOK6d


little grow up skill

what u think about this shot?

light, camera, composition, colors ? need some feedback. some overpaint will be nice :slight_smile:

sorry, i cant get shadow right now for this shot.




Looks very similar to Furio Tedeschi’s Mecha designs, did you take his classes ever?



preparing for mixamo, cause i need posed characters before i use transpose.

gif with 30 poses from mixamo

blocking for guardian of this workers

sketch about scene, rework soon

trying nanomesh for clothes

get experience in photoshop and keyshot

what u think guys? some feels about this image? what looks strange/bad interesting/nice ? what i miss?

It’s looking great. You have good atmosphere and depth of field in the image. a full body render in an atmosphere like this would be cool.

I would, perhaps, add some bit of contrast to your render. It looks a little bit “flat”. But I agree, a full body render would be great to evaluate the full scene :slight_smile: