[Need Help] Can't import model into Sculptris;"Too many triangles connected to edge"

First things first:

  • I did Google Search the error I'm getting, and I read through past threads about it.
  • I tried a few different solutions I found online, but none of them worked. The following did not work:
  • Decimating in Blender and re-exporting.
  • Lowering triangles.

I do not own the right programs (which are not free) to try the other solutions that people online listed.

Now to the thread:


I’m trying to get this model:
Into Sculptris, but I’m running into this error:

“Too many triangles connected to edge. [Max 2]”

As said far up above, I’ve already tried the common solutions to this but to no avail. Also, I currently only have free 3D modeling programs (Sculptris and Blender) because I’m pretty darn new to 3D modeling and I should start with free programs before jumping into something expensive like ZBrush.

So… Can you guys please help me?

Also, as a side note, the model I have was originally made in the game Spore with the Dark Injection mod, and then exported. Just in case you were wondering or recognized aspects of Spore on my model.

P.S: I have to go now, and I won’t be on until later or tomorrow, so don’t expect replies from me until then. I’m posting this now though because I want it to fill up with replies while I’m away so I can get this fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks ahead of time if you’re able to help me. :stuck_out_tongue:

No one can help?

But it’s already telling you, avoid multiple vertex points connected to a central one.

Edit (after actually taking a look at your model): it won’t be easy for you if you are a nwb. The model is a bit more complex than I thought and you´ll have a hard time making it ready for Scultpris. Also, it has many “strategically hidden” non-manifolds so it wont work great on Sculptris anyway (i.e., you’ll end up with many separated meshes there where you could have sworn it was a single smooth piece). I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it needs a lot of arrangement before exporting to Sculptris.

Import probems … remember Sculptris is still (and always will be) an Alpha … meaning was never finished. Yea I gotta repost this here and then for the Noobs … Ok … Sculptris does not like Pie-cut circles … like standard Spheres from Blender and Wings3D … instead you need to edit the geometry … or start with a Cube and keep it quadrangulated … Also … from Blender and I think this is the one your running into … It’s possible in Blender to connect more than two polygons to an Edge … wont happen in Wings3D and wont work in Sculptris … but in Blender … Also … If your wanting to paint your model … make sure the UV-mapping does not overlap … Sculptris does horrible things with this … You can’t paint Symmetry in Sculptris … but you CAN Paint HALF a Model (((IDEA)))) hint hint hint …Sculptris-Problem.jpgpainting-half.jpgcylinder-example.jpg



I took a look at the model your trying to import, had difficulty getting it to load in both Wings3D and Blender. Hi Poly, Triangulated, and full of holes … many Non-manifold parts in Blender … Maybe a ripped monster from an old Directx game … If it’s UV-d Sculptris will loose the UVs anyway … try doing some simple extrudes from a Cube in Wings3d or Bender … to make a nice simple base frame to start with … then take in to Scuptris and go from there …

Well the model was exported from a game in which you could create creatures, also known as Spore.

I’ve seen many pictures of people doing full out renders of their Spore creations, making them look simply amazing. This is what I’m aiming for. I wanted to import it into Sculptris to redo the paint and fix things up, but I see now that that’s not going to happen.

I’m really sorry I’m such a big noob at this, but honestly the only way I’m going to get better is practice and plenty of reading.

Anyway, if the model is so broken, then what’s the best way to get a full out render on it with programs I have or can afford? I know how to render in Blender but the renders are coming out terrible and the texture is incredibly blurry.

Sigh There’s so many great 3D modeling things I want to do, but all of the programs required are simply so expensive, often $1,000+. I’m young and in High School and I wanted to start in these programs (like Blender) early but I can’t even figure them out. I plan on taking classes on this but I can’t until next year.

I guess I’m simply too young for this.:frowning:

Anyway, no need to reply to my rant, I’m just upset. I had high hopes of rendering out my model and giving it a new texture. I wanted to do this wit a lot of my Spore models. Also, the model did come with textures, but I don’t think I need to post those here.

If anyone knows a great tutorial for rendering out Spore models in Blender in GOOD quality, then please let me know, because the only good one I found was on a forum that’s broken/shutdown (I knew though because the title still worked, but all the text was messed up).

P.S: Thanks for the help though. I know it didn’t solve the problem but it did help me understand it.

EDIT: Can ZBrush render out Spore (.dae) models with the right work? Is it hard? Will it look good if it does work? I’m asking because, although ZBrush is expensive, it’s not as expensive as other programs like Maya or 3DS Max. I could possibly get ZBrush for my Birthday which is coming up…

Every other expensive software is as overwhelming and hard to learn how to use as Blender and you won’t have much better results for what you are looking for. You need textures redone, some customization and a nice render and Blender does it all but, if you are still interested, Maya and ZBrush are the most popular software out there, for rigid bodies and digital sculpting respectively.

Also, bear in mind that the elevated price for most every professional software (not only 3d) comes from the speculative thinking about the fact that (most likely) you’ll use them for work and make profit, so you’ll recover your investment in a relative short time.

I’d suggest that, if you want to learn (and you have the perfect age to start learning), free is the way to go for you by now.

It’s just a difference in how different softwares treat the files … first, The geometry for your Spore guy was probably built in 3DSMax, it loaded as a single model, but it seemed like it was several geometries put together. Also, it was a RiP … I’m guessing your graphics card has some sort of Tesselation for game enhancement, it was very high-poly, you might could turn your tesselation off and try ripping again. Third, sometimes when ripping game models you’ll get extra little geometries, items that are just pointers or place holders for shadows, attachments (guns and stuff) and maybe even bone-rigging … stuff you wont see in the game but you will in the rip. You’ll want to get rid of these … Blender does have a learning curve, but there’s plenty of vids out there and it has most of what you need to tackle this project, I didn’t even check for UV-mapping, but after fixing your model, you’ll probably have to redo the UV-mapping as well … Took me two years to really understand how most of this works, and I’m still not a Pro …

You have to reduce wireframe to fix it.

  1. click the object

  2. select [wireframe]

  3. select [reduce brush]

  4. then, zoom in.

  5. if you can find the edge,

    1. set the brush size minimal, and click on it.
    2. sometimes you need to enlarge the brush and shrink back again.
  6. if you can NOT find the edge,

    1. set the brush size minimal, and do not click on it. Then Sculptris will be off.\
    2. Instead, click just around the troublesome then you will find the edge and do sequence 5.
    3. At times you need to go inside the object to find it.

Hope it helps.