Necronomicon Monster 1st and 2nd (aka "Takeya Alien")


This is my first post.

I sclupted the 1st and 2nd versions of Mr.Takeya Takayuki’s famous model kit “Necronomicon Monster” (aka “Takeya Alien”).

It’s a fan art. Creating this model is my own challenge. I could learn a lot of his modeling techniques from this challenge.

I do not refer to real model kits for sclptling. It was created with reference to the photos found on the Internet and the original issue of Hobby JAPAN Magazine.

The original model is asymmetric, so almost every detail in this model is also asymmetric.
Anyway, there are a lot of parts and I had a hard time creating a low subdivision level for posing.

I gave up UV creation and texture painting, poly painted with ZBrush, converted to V-Ray Proxy, and rendered the vertex color.

Rendering is 3dsMax V-Ray5.

Thank you!

Cloud Shot, Composition of Hobby JAPAN Magazine

1st ver. side shot

2nd ver. front shot

2nd ver. side shot

2nd ver. back shot


ZBrush shot

PolyPainted Model



Absolutely gorgeous sculpt!

That’s some monster right there! thanks for sharing the breakdown :wink:

Thank you very much for your message!

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thank you very much.
It is a great honor.