Nebular's Sketchbook

I decided to start my sketchbook with this litle doodle.
It’s based on a sculpt coming from the Island of Love , Jeju in Korea.
Unfortunately I don’t know the name of artist. (reference in thumb below)

The updates won’t be very frequently, but please C&C and subscribe :slight_smile:





this is some really awsome stuff i really like the gesture she has keep it up :+1:

Thank you mate! Very encouraging

Something different this time. Help me and put Your thoughts about my sculpts.


Another sketch.
I try to study faces and if you have any tips, please feel free to share it :cool:

Hope you’ll like it.


its a nice sculpt but it gives me the inpression that you didnt take your time makein it i could be wrong tho
ok so i see some anatomy problems with the model
[1] the eyes i find are too bg
[2] at the bottom of the lip it dont look right i find you dig in to much
[3] the lips are too pushed out
other then that its a very nice sculpt
keep doin what you doin and you will be a pro in modeling
and i like your poseing very nice

Yes, you’re right. I did in for quick exercise and ant end, I pushed myself just to consider it ‘finished’.

Thank you for pointing the mistakes out. It’s hard to notice thing sometimes jut by yourself.
THere’s also glitch on a shoulder.

Thanks for your interest.

nice sculpts! I like your style, especially how you approach hair, in making in stylized blocks. Very cool effect. I struggle with hair loads :slight_smile:

Thank you arianerocket, I am very glad to hear that. But this project has no hair (almost):wink:

I struggled with scarf… I tried many defferent variations and came up with this, but I’m not happy at all.
I’ll practice clothes fold more for sure.
Maybe if I and you will like it enough, I will make a whole scene with this character.
Please c&c


Thanks for lurking in:)

and thanks for forum designers for icon posting reminder!

Its whimsical. Maybe not 100% anotomically correct but the over all sculpt is cool. The larger eyes do help it to seem like a younger female but the neck length gives her more adult age.

Nice sculpts i am interested on how you keep progressing them

ange321q, I’m glad to hear you like it. Thank you for comment about neck and eyes. I would never think about it like that.
Now I will try to keep this in my mind :slight_smile:
Moths , thank you mate. Hope I will improve. I’m planing to make full character somewere near. I will post something soon.

Thank you for interest, it’s very encouraging to keep posting :cool:

A quick study I did today. I’am planing to dress her up and put into a scene, so I can practice clothes
and few other things. But before that I wnat her to be at least ‘not bad’. I know I messed up much,
but I need you to point that out ant tell me yours thoughts :wink:


and here’s a quick sketch. I am planing to detail the hair more, but I have few projects in my mind now.


Please c&c.
Thank you :+1:

A doggy I’m working on. Part of a bigger project.

Don’t know how to start the fur and I have problems with paws. Any tips?
Please comment

Some more work on a bullterier:

I started tooth.
(he’s just smiling :wink: I wont make him aggressive. I love these dogs :cool:)

I refinde paws.

and a back:

Your thoughts would be very helpfull.

Having a look at your paws, I can tell you that it might proof useful to use a mask when redefining fingers or toes. By masking a particular toe to work with, one might prevent the other toe(s) being dragged by the magnetism of the brush in use. Considering the dog as a whole, it is quite cartoon-like (not close to reality but that’s intended - neck is a bit broad,…).

The Slash brush is good for fur. If you slashed a poly plane and grabbed the height data you could use the resulting alpha to stamp down fur to the body, rotating the alpha to follow the flow of fur across the body. Alternatively, if you made the fur alpha a seamlessly tiling one, you could apply it to the whole body in the Surface Noise panel, baking it into a Tool Layer for a start, then Morph erasing back where needed and applying fresh Slash brush strokes where needed.

Teeth are possibly better done as a separate SubTool.

Love the image of the dog facing us.

Chesh! (My only Polish word!)


Maybe for the fur, you can use the rake brush.
Nice work on the jawbone.

fj8e5la , yes, I use masking and mask by polygroup to sculpt on things that are separete, but close to eachother.
The paws just need more work and time. THay are somehow hard to me.

it is quite cartoon-like

Well, I aimed for reality with this one. At least with pose and proportions - I try to make them right from beginig.
You have right with the neck. I didn’t notice tht at begining but that is easy to set it right.
What else make him cartoonish?
Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:

Rory_L , I’ll try to explore techniques you described. But how do youu creating alpha inside of Z? I think there
was a way to do that, but I can’t recall how ans I’m not sure of that.
The tip with making alpha and place it manualy sound better than noise, because the fur flows different shapes
and I wan’t it to be there as well.
Teeths are separe tool :slight_smile: It is just BPR that makes them look like one tool. I used BPR because they were too dark
Both parts are separated - upper and lower.
More work watis there for me too.

Love the image of the dog facing us.

Thank you! I like that shoot too :slight_smile:
I just maximized the Angle of View if someone would ask:cool:

“Chesh” sounds like “Czesc”. Is it “hallo” ? :lol:

The snout is very round and has to stand rather straight - a slightly downwards curved line from the eyebrows with the front extension at it’s nose on top of the upper jaw. Below the nose, the snout drops backwards to the upper lip. The distance between nose and upper lip is larger (3-4 times) than the curve’s total (perpendicualr) elevation between the eyebrows and nose.