Nazedo's sketchbook & projects


    In the next days I'll post the WIP of this work.

Hi Nazedo,
I’m very glad to see your work here!
I really like it and I’m sure that it will be the first of a long a series :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Hi everybody!
Seems long time no post…
i show you my version of Abe Sapien I’ve made for the contest “My superhero’s portrait” organized on the italian community of www.charactersforum.com. I’ve reached the third place!

I hope you like it.

Wonderful: one of my favorites
I love the comic style of the render!

Thanks my friend :wink:
I really like your Spawn statue too. Again congratulation!

I love all the HELLBOY characters and you did an amazing job capturing all details!
Amazing job and beautiful composition!!!

oh, ma che bello, che bello che bello il pesciolino!:smiley:
i like your model very much!
your abe was one of my favourite works in the contest!
congratulation for the third place!:+1:

i complimenti te lo ho già fatti , quindi te li rinnovo!!! XD

Really outrages work on your two models, really loving them big time!:+1:
Great work on the design aswell on the sculpting, texturing and rendering!
Really fantastic job, congratulation to that!
Looking forward seeing more from you,
Cheers and Happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:


Great job on Abe! He looks great, perfect pose to get him 3d printed too, you should think about it…

VISEone* thanks! maybe in future I could make a version of Hellboy or Johann Krauss… Will see…

xexex* grazie amico, I like your model too! :smiley:

pappete* Thanks Pappete, your Doctor Doom is one of my favourite!

KC-Production* thanks man! I’m glad you like my work so much! :slight_smile:

coreyschroeder* thanks!

spacemonkeydr* thanks man! I like very much your job. I had not thought about the idea of printing this model. I’ll think about that.