I am blender user and i am used to using blender navigation and i have a question is it possible to use also here

  1. Is possible to set viewport on Numpad


2.is possible to lock the screen and only rotate with the keyboard I mean sometimes I want to use a brush outside model

Hi @WeakkNess and Welcome on ZBC !

  1. multiple possibilities :
    a. it would be possible via scripting, but its not the only method
    b. you can use the timeline and animate the camera and then quickly move of keyframe to another using right and left arrow.
    c. there is an old plugin which do that ( can’t remember the name)
    d. you can use macro and assign them a hotkey

  2. you can just lock the camera so you can’t to rotate the model on the canvas.

Hope it helps,

yeah but than i lock screen is possible to rotate with keyboard

well didnt worked what i wanted but thanks

Look at the help in Transform:Axis Rotation (hold Ctrl whilst hovering over a button for more detail). You could put the rotation step “R>>” and axis buttons on you UI for ease. I guess you could also script activation of a specific axis and rotation steps and then assign to hotkeys to mimic keyboard rotation around a specific axis. Ask in the Scripting channel if you need help doing that.