Na'vi Potrait of Oma

Hey everyone, been a long time not posting here! I been spending the last few years mostly in clay but recently upgraded my machine and took part in the amazing Kris Costa online course back in March! Could not recommend it enough, not only did it push me on every aspect but he was a fantastic teacher and has inspired me to get back to do some digital work on my free time again.

So if you havnt please check out his website https://www.flyonthewall.studio/

What I ended up doing for his class was a Na’vi fan art as 2009 was when i first started to get more serious and teaching myself Zbrush to pursue as a career in games and film. Avatar and the work Legacy, Weta ect put out was inspiring at the time and I figured why not try and make my own version of something that would live in there world.

The project ended up becoming a little bigger then expected as a rigging friend and Animator as well jumped on board so we built a blendshape library out to build a shape based rig along with tweaker controls for our friend to work with. I hope to have more of that to post soon when its finished in the coming weeks.

For now here is 1 version of her 2 that I created, all sculpted and id say 90%textured using Zbrush and the amazing HD Sculpt tool Kris went over in the class. Rendered in Maya Arnold and using Xgen for the groom. First time for me using either of these systems and I love working this way and look forward to trying it more in future!

Anyways here is some renders and small breakdown for now, until everything else is done as well as her other version. Some Zbrush shots as well as a sample of the shapes created as in the end the total on my end was around 132, which at least half those get split once or twice on the rig to have more control.

Also please check out my instagram and artstation as well!


Cheers and thanks for looking!


MIND BLOWN! Spectacular work :heart_eyes:


Omg lots of details! Awesome work :clap::slightly_smiling_face:

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looks absolutely amazing man!

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super cool :metal:

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Thanks so much everyone! Some more coming soon, and then she will be finished finally. =)

Cheers again!


Whoa @GregStrangis idk what he’s teaching in that class but this is an incredible piece. I love that you shared all the expressions as well, kudos.

I loved it so much! It became one of my favorite 3d art. Awesome man!

Wow, fantastic!

Incredible work! Great expressions and detail!

Spectacular :heart::+1::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: