Nature , Zbrush Works.

HI everyone ,
this is my last work in Zbrush 3 inspiring from a work that i saw lately in internet " i dont remember where :confused: ".
zbrush ROCKS what can i say amazing tool !!!
everything done in Zbrush 3 , modeling from Zspheres ,detailed, and textured in zb3 “this is my first work with polypainting” ,all the work done in 5 hours " i didnt stop, i feel like my head will explose :smiley: " the background in PS .


  [![Nature post.jpg|700x525](upload://5PTu6N9V3wsQQuiIZ9MTmrWCYB0.jpeg)]![making of monster fish.jpg|700x525](upload://1I1pxzuUPy1Z9XdnC1AFDzHYkww.jpeg)

high res : fish

Comments & C are welcome
hope u like it guys





Hi, tarik395, I don’t get why this hasn’t taken off. I really like this, especially the fish picture. The sense of design and exageration is great. 50.

thank you 50’sKID for your comment .

here is another work :


here is another work


Let me add to 50’s message and say I really think that some of your efforts here are fantasticly made.


Cool models! nice work on all of them! thanks for sharing!

HI all ,
stalsby : you welcome , and thank you for your comment. :smiley:
calum5ZB : glad that u like it , thanks man :smiley:

this is another work and my second polypaint work ,still learning it :smiley:

Render passes :
[making render.jpg]creature2 blackwhite.jpg



Great work! Love your modelling, and thanks for the step by step on that awesome fishy! The drama in that first image is fantastic, Keep it up!
:+1: :+1:

slashpot : thank you , glad that u like it , and VEEEEERY WELCOME :smiley:

this another two works , hope u like it .

and this is alpha creature :smiley: having fun with alphaaaaa !!


Very nice work dude! Did you put all your pass in photoshop in multiply mode?? and for the alpha did you just push the alpha button in the texture palette or in the alphas?:+1: :+1:

hi all ;

YsenGrin : thank you for your comment , and yes i put all in ps in multiply mode , and yes just put the boutton in the alpha palette :smiley: .

this my last work “wip” in Zbrush 3 , all done in Zbrush ,
i’ll pose him and texture it too .
comments & C plz :smiley:

[cobra crea.jpg]

good work , i think the problem is Zb3 has made a lot of people not get amazed so easily ! … you don’t have to do a good Sculpt now , you have to make a Scene , new idea … etc

btw , the last work is fantastic … if you add some motion :smiley: and more details on the snake it would be awesome

Thank you Cyfer :smiley: ,

This is a new Wip , i’ll texture him later , Hope u like it guys
all done in Zbrush 3.