Native American: "White Crow"

Hey guys, here’s a project I’ve been working on for a while, this is my first every Zbrush head that I worked on, but I’ve been tweaking it alot since I started. It’s rendered with SSS and Displacement in Max 8 and I did a quick DOF in Photoshop using Gaussian Blur.

Let me know what you think, especially about the color of the skin(it’s a WIP, but I’m color deficient so I make mistakes :cry: ). I only have one texture applied to the “Overall Diffuse Coloration” slot, and I’ve yet to add color to the lips. I also need a bumpmap, I’m just using a procedural noise bump map for now, just to break up the uniformity.


Here’s an update with a little work on the textures. Still missing spec map and bump. I’m using procedural bump for now. I’m not too happy with the ear, too lumpy as of now.



I think you’ve got a generic start that people can easily discern from other ethnicities. Are you using photo ref for your model? If so, can you give a lil plug cos I’m also “trying” to create a native american character but ref for young american indians is few and far between.

Other than that, it’d be nice to see you start to pop out details like the outer nostril and lower eye-lid to pul the face out a lil. Just a suggestion.

Keep it up bra!

I used no reference for White Crow, I did manage to find a good page with alot of native american references because I’m also making clothes for this guy and an environment for him to stand in.


In the final image, he’s going to take up a much smaller space, so I’m not sure if it’s worth adding all the details to the face.

MODELING:Nose, corners of the mouth, under eyes and wrinkles.
TEXTURING: Added spec and bump(hard to see the bump)

I’m not too happy with the way it is but it’s better :slight_smile: imho



thanks for that x-titan, ill take a look ryt away. yr progress is definitely an improvement from the last post so keep at it :slight_smile: