Native American Waabanung | W.I.P

Hey guys, okay did a standard head mesh in max plus other geo. I mixed up a few head shapes from referances of the old native americans together thus creating a random head, so far this is only gunna be a head to sholder model. Oh I had named this guy “East” in english, Waabanung in Odawa.

I got the referances from : really good source for referances

Ill post up some sculpting soon! :slight_smile:

Waabanung | early stages.



That hair looks like it took awhile to do. Nice job so far :cool:

:+1: hi very good job can you talk about how you make the hair style ,what tools you use for the hair shape :+1:

Hey guys! thnx for the comments.

As for the hair, I used the built in hair within 3dmax9. Did my hair style there and use splines as guides once I was happy with it… convert your hair to mesh. This is for a visulization only, not for like animation or converting that back into max etc etc, it s just for zbrush visuls. Though I do have the hair setup in max so :slight_smile: I still can animate this if I wanted to but im not going to rawr!

In zbrush IM able to move the hair around using the standard brush also gravity enabled so that I can push my hairs down towards the skull etc etc… since zbrush can handle a lot of polys etc etc… its super fast to do and fun hehe. Anyhoots, back to sculpting eh! right on! ill be back.



Very cool!

I’ve been wanting to do that in Lightwave, but I need to get LWCad in order to convert hair guides to geometry.

This is an interesting experiment with your hair. Since your making a static model I think you could use this character in multiple settings. I’m curious if your planning any finished pictures, or is the sculpture going to be your complete project? I would genuinely enjoy seeing this character with textures and setting. Overall, its shaping up nicely.:+1:

Thanks for the comments and Ill try to go as far as I can with this dude :slight_smile:

Today I found out how to render multiple cavity shaders WoOo :slight_smile: also the next step now is refining the skin, pores, fine wrinkles etc etc. :slight_smile:


right now im just sculptin in the pores and wrinkles… at the moment now its a bit ruff so later on im gunna smooth everything out. the eye brows are just there as temp at the moment :slight_smile:

ruffin in the skin :


Model is cool but I think you try to work more on the texture :+1: But as a whole I like this work :slight_smile:

I think its coming along nicely so far. Good job capturing the native american ethnicity. The nostrils need attention right now. They seam too wide right now. Also they dont connect to the face correctly. Right now its as if the nostrils are intersecting the face. You should be able to see the whole circular shape that makes up the nostril. I hope that makes sence. Having a hard time putting this crit into words.

Bryan Silva, hey man thnx for the critt! I tweaked the nose a bit in more so yah seen what you ment :slight_smile: hopefully i fixed it right hehe :slight_smile:

BokoWar: see below hehe

Today I did some project mappin within zbrush 3 using the zproject method and having a face referaces as targets. right now its a ruff draft, there are some dark spots that needs to be takin out. this is only the color map so far and rendered with zbrush using the skinmat_04 :stuck_out_tongue: ill be back


Your character is really coming along nicely! Your skin tones and variations look natural. The only thing I can see holding back the character is the hair. I know that you’ve looked into that. If your render is going to be done in ZB3, I would suggest just to create it post in Photoshop, otherwise save the maps made in ZB3 and render the hair in your 3D application. Your doing great work!

eheh played with maya render last night, need spec maps but hehhe here it is



Your work on this character is just what I needed to see! Number one, the sculpture has good defination, and you’ve seen your problems through. However, seeing your Maya renders sealed the deal for a decision I’ve been wrestling with ZB3’s render engine, or an external render engine.

I’ve seen some beautiful renders in ZB3, but this WIP showed the intrensic difference between the two types of render engines. I feel that Maya’s (various render engines), Lightwave, 3ds Max all have a difference in the overall appearence of the finished product which I really feel more comfortable with.

So… thanks for posting these latest images!