I’ve been working on this new character, and this is a head/textures/hair test I’ve done.

The character is a bit cartoon/stylized, so the hair hasn’t been rendered with all the details it could have, to match the style of the character, but I’m happy with the result even with that, as it’s a tricky hairstyle to do.

Done in max, zbrush and hair-farm.



That’s incredible! Great face, too. Stylized, but still “real.”

This looks pretty good dude!


I’ve done this renders to test the body/rigging. Done in Zbrush, max and hair farm.

awesome character Woody!!! I love the stylized look you have man

loooove it!

great work!

Holy bejesus that looks superb.

Sexay laday :slight_smile:

She’s HOT!

Wow, She looks amazing. great work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments!!