Naimah Whistle Necklaces

Hi All,

This is my first post. I am a jeweler using Zbrush from Istanbul. This is one of my collections, reinterpretation of antique whistle necklaces. They are fully functional, and really loud. You can check the whole collection here or visit the site at https://naimahs.com Hope you like it.


cat_black_01 deer_black_01 hittitelion_black_01 horse_black_01 owl_white_01

Super cool collection, love the shapes and style. The different kinds of finishing are amazing, what did you use for the blackened ones?
It’s great to see this kind on posts!! :clap: :clap:

Hi Nacho,

Thank you! White ones are sanded. Black ones are polished, and black rhodium plated.

Thanks for answering? You didn’t use any enamel?

Oh, I thought you were mentioning finish of the metal parts. Of course, these are all enameled.