mysketchbook /hard surface(tutorial/video)

Very cool man!

thanks for your comments,
its cool that the video helped you:)
I moved all the videos toPage I and uploaded a new one

here is a new suit update (wip)
Bildschirmfoto 2011-10-11 um 20.39.11.jpg


hard surface 4.jpg

I started a new suit :slight_smile:


Awesome thread, your hard surface stuff is really good!

I have a question however: when I use the clip brush, most times I end up with ugly artifacts near the clipped edge; like the geometry hasn’t been deleted, but it’s just flattened where the I clipped it. I can post a picture if my problem is not clear :slight_smile:
Does this happens also to your models? How do you get rid of such artifacts?


thanks :slight_smile:

you can “group loop” your extracted mesh before you use the clip brush,
that should clean up the mesh*
or you turn the extracted mesh into a single Polygroup,
thats a good way to avoid artifacts,
always use the same angle for cutting

if there are still artifacts the only way to get rid of them is using (hide/select/ del hidden/close holes):confused:

the best way to get clean hard surface topo is using the zbrush retopology,
but i it gives my a headache and i cant use it longer than 10 minutes without getting knots on my fingers:p

when working with clip brushes that way
make sure that “polygroups” is activated under “clip brush modifiers” in the “brush” menu

just sketching around,
I’m a big fan of the Blame! Series by Tsutomo Nihei,
the new stuff is inspired by his manga:)

Bildschirmfoto 2011-10-19 um 16.31.00.jpg


I love the new suit thing, you should push it!

Looking good! :lol:

hey thank you,
another update, this time i’ll finish it…maybe…:D^^

Bildschirmfoto 2011-10-20 um 15.09.25.jpg

another update :slight_smile:


Hi Gwainbarek :slight_smile:
Really enjoying your hard surface works…I’m more of an organic type myself, but admire good hard edged works when I see them, and also envey the patience it takes to create all of those machined parts…I especally like this last piece that you are working on…It has a nice flow to it’s shapes…inorganic, but organic in their nature and shape…nice combination…and job done on it so far…:+1:…Looking forward to seeing where you take it to next…:slight_smile:

another update




I seriously love this, its elegant and beautiful.

a new hard surface video,
some random sketching with the dynamesh feature

<iframe src=“http://player.vimeo.com/video/31736520?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0” width=“681” height=“383” frameborder=“0” webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

thank you :slight_smile:



nice. thanks for the vids

awesome thanks for sharing

May I ask, how are you achieving the effect on your armor where it looks like the main panels have layered plates on top of it?
Are you sculpting this in, or are those actually another subtool that you’ve extracted out?

Hopefully my question made sense lol, I reread it, but couldn’t think of a better way to word this…


Great video, as usual from you :slight_smile:
How do you make such precise and quick masking?

Thanks for sharing!

Hi, thank you for all your comments,
my english isn’t the best,but I’ll try to answer your questions:)

  1. A BIG !ThankYOU! to Mahlikus the Blackfor creating the amazing
    MAHcut mech and Polish Brushes!
    And for his new MAHmask Bias Brush

    get those brushes!!!


thank you man,
the masking is drawn on a pen tablet and mostly done with the MAHmask brush from Mahlikus,
I also used MaskCurve to “clean” the mask

it’s a new extracted subtool,
sometimes I use the mask for derfomation-inflate and sculpt it

btw: thanks for that Organic Buildup brush:+1:
moved it right to my quick selection
it’s like claybuildup “light” with a really nice falloff :slight_smile:

and again
thank you guys,
I see myself as areal zbrush noob,
sometimes it took me weeks to teach myself things others learned on a single day in ZBrush^^
so its really cool to see that those timelapsed videos helped you:+1: