Hello, Nice to meet you all
Decided to post some of my junk

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Hahah! I wouldn’t call these junk, they look awesome! I really like your approach to lighting,definitely sets some mood to your pieces!

Hey Vol, thanks for the comments

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Hi! great stuff.

Something is bothering me with the pose though, mostly has to do with the hip area.

I think, if you want the pose to be as is, the leg needs to be rotated and not straight (would look cool, kinda Marilyn Monroe kiss blow pose…)

Moving the shoulder closer to chin makes a nice line too, but that is more nitpicking and just a posing tip I guess.

Did a fast liquify in PS:


I do like the shoulder idea to create that rythm line flow into the leg. Good point thanks

a good day,

I suddenly have the overwhelming desire to play Soul Calibure…

Fantastic work! I really love seeing the weapons and design elements from an often underutilized cultural thematics, like the Vajra. Very neat stuff. Post more!

You know Rykka your the first one to know what the big golden thing is :slight_smile: Everyone that has seen this says “What the hell is that?”
Thanks man for your comments.


A link to my demo reel on Youtube.
Shows wires and all that happy stuff.

The first girls texture maps were completely hand painted with Z-brush poly painting tools. Scott Spencer wonderful books were very helpful with this.

The second girl I used projection tools for the textures. “Essence The Face” by Ballistic publishing was the main reference for doing this. Great book. It was also a major reference for getting the Skin shader’s to work.

I’m anxious to use Pixologic fiber mesh. They had just released this feature when I got done doing the hair on my two characters haha. My only thought was “That might have been useful”.

The Vajra was sculpted in Z-brush then retopo in Z-brush… Getting all the faces to mirror on each side while keeping them symmetrical was… a challenge.

Anyway, thanks for the comments :slight_smile:


I really like!

Thanks Toraki

great work, man!

you’ve come a long way since you first schooled me on everything characters in Maya! I wish I could rock highrez peeps like you
I really like the tension in the torso of that last pose, and I agree you could adjust some of the other lines to help complement those rhythms. Her right arm for instance is super straight and disrupts the curve a little while her left arm sorta fights with the flow down her hip. I think adjusting those would make her pose stronger

keep rockin it dude, I’ll be watchin :slight_smile:

Thanks man,
I will keep trying to rock it… :slight_smile: