My ZSkull Model!

Greetings my Dear Friends

I love to working of Anatomy and Human Body drawing and Sculpting… one of my models I would like to share is the simple skull …I made it from ZSphere! then I tried to add some details to it … this is one of my old projects… I hope you like it…(there are two models with two different Materials.)
a little scary huh? :lol:

ZSkull by Esfandiyar Ebadi( King Esfandiyar).jpgZSkull by Esfandiyar Ebadi-Final.jpgZSkull by Esfandiyar Ebadi-Final-4.jpg


ZSkull by Esfandiyar Ebadi( King Esfandiyar).jpg

ZSkull by Esfandiyar Ebadi-Final-4.jpg

ZSkull by Esfandiyar Ebadi-Final.jpg