My ZFolio

Wanted to illustrate a resistance war against machines.




Really amazing grunge metal! :+1:

Thank you @jan19

Very nice effort. You know im seeing less and less response to peoples work on here. I think people
have been spoilt for far to long. Now if your work aint on par with the worlds best nobody can be arsed
to say anything lol I can imagine this took you a long time to do so Ill say, respect dude. keep on keeping on :sunglasses:
Can i pipe in with a 2 bit crit. The carbon or what ever material it is looks a little over used and makes the
over all effect seem cheap, if you catch my drift. just a small thought. but the figure
and face is great. I know how hard this stuff is… takes a lot of man hours :+1:

@Anthony Jones Thank you for providing feedback, i really appreciate it. The suit design was very much inspired from the Mass Effect characters so it had to be over used :wink: but i see your point. Hopefully, i will get better and be able to produce better results with my future projects. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

I agree with Anthony jones in both cases.

1st Your stuff is very very good, Blobstroke. I like it a lot.
2nd ZB Main Forum is less and less a forum than an image tank, like pinterest but without keywordsearch.
People throwing in their stuff without participating and interacting.
Like you, Blobstroke btw. 4 Posts in your own thread only :wink:

Just to mention.
Keep on rocking.

I do agree with you guys that this forum should be interactive. @Knacki, i am still a new member in warming up phase so please kindly empathise. I will do my best to be a member of this esteemed society, i promise. And thank you so much for the feedback.

Well for one Knacki iv been here for about 15 years. i lost my old account. but your right in a way. i guess i fell into the fold.
if i spend a month on a piece and dont even get 1 comment then it kind of rubs of on you. after 3 or 4 posts with no comments
then you think arr sod it… its sad really… this place and most forums used to be so helpful. its the same everywhere. anybody
know of any place left that still help and comment ?

I’m on this forum for not very long period of time (like three years or so) but I also noticed that ZBC becomes less interactive and social. I think I’ve noticed when this break happened about a year ago. I remember times when a Main forum was updating each 10-15 minutes with new works and comments to them. And now this interval might be up to several hours. I also often see great works unnoticed and I bet that’s frustrating. There was a splash of activity after R7 release and now the forum is quiet again. How do you guys think: can it be due to introduction of ZBSee? So now people instead of posting comments just push “fave” button and that’s it.
Great job on the last guy. For some reason his face reminds me an actor Ronald Lee Ermey when he was younger. And this makes an image badass. BTW you really captured Mass Effect feel for the armor - instantly recognizable style.
Anthony jones
I think that best place to search is medium size forums with nice communities. Forums where most artists know each other and ready to talk. I sometimes visit 3DCoat and I should admit that its community is more friendly to beginners than ZBC. I also heard that Polycount is a great place to stop by.

Thanks Vir Norin. Ill check them out. polycount has been going for years and years. Iv been doing 3d bits and bobs for over 15 years, haha makes me sound like a old fart and experienced, Well i am a little but i still enjoy some feed back, Kind of helps you to soldier on. Not sure of the psychology behind that like, but its always helped me. Maybe its just me. Maybe im needy or something lol haha god knows. But yea i had an account on polycount over 10 years back. Shame i lost my old main Email. lost loads of accounts through that mishap :rage: Was my first hotmail account. good riddance was spammed to death anyway.

Thank you Vir Norin. You’re right, his face indeed resembles the actor. May be i should turn it into a Sergeant Hartman portrait :sunglasses:

As for ZBSee, i believe it lets the users be more selective and the preview images make it possible to go for the threads that are more pleasing to the eye, which is not so good for beginners since their works are dominated by others. I like the visual feast though.


your designs are really good love your tech .
But what I really love is your droid in a box piece ,way to tell a story .:+1:small_orange_diamond:D

@pygmalion Yeah, it’s one of my dreams. Times will come when we will order droids on Amazon. :slight_smile: Droids are fun. Yours, for example, act like Hamlet and even make love. Cool man. :sunglasses: Joking aside, thank you so much for the feedback.

Your last piece really appeals to me. It’s one of those moments when I say “I wish I had done that.” Keep up the good work, Sir BlobStroke, you’ve got serious skills!!

This is impressive.I love the color pallet.& also great job on the hard-surface parts.Congrats.:wink:

@regmonroe @Diablo Thank you guys, i am flattered by the very kind words of yours. Cheers!

I took ZBC member kraken007’s advice and used area lights in KeyShot to get the look. I think more of this will follow. I like clay renders. Hopefully, they will get better over time. (Thank you kraken007, it was good advice)