My Zbrush Plugin!

I got a couple cool updates to share. Firstly, I tried to make the UI a little more readable by making some pseudo-sections. I also have started including a “READ ME” file that includes all the descriptions for the scripts. This way you will always have them locally if you need them.

If you have used this plugin in the past, please remove the old content first by deleting the “NicksToolsdata” folder.

If you want to keep the Quick Load project settings, you can copy the file “storedpath.zvr” into the new “NicksToolsdata” folder. If Zbrush fails to start you should just delete this file.



  • Material Cycle: This script was inspired by our very own Hazardous. Check out the link to see an better example than my GIF. He and many other artists swap their matcaps frequently during sculpting. I wanted to try and make this process faster and easier.

To use this script pick your desired material and then select a number to assign it to. Click “Set Mat” and the material will be assigned to that number. Whenever you scroll to that number or use the “<<Mat/Mat>>” buttons the material will be assigned to the mesh. Continue doing this for your other favorite materials. You can overwrite a material using the same process or clear it out altogether using the button. Note however that if a number is “blank” you will have to press the “<<Mat/Mat>>” again to move on to the next mat so I don’t recommend leaving “blank” spots between numbers. The materials will stay assigned between ZB sessions as well.

For optimum use, you should assign the “<<Mat/Mat>>” buttons to hotkeys. I use the Left and Right Arrows. This script can also speed up your startup. Immediately after ZB loads I just tap the left arrow key and my sculpting gray blinn material is assigned and I am ready to rock!

Also note that the materials HAVE to be loaded first before they be cycled to. So ether use the materials in your Zstartup folder or load them before hand.


  • Batch Rename: This one has been requested ALOT. Rightfully so! This script is mostly self-explanatory. You can set a prefix/suffix as well as any padding before the serial. You can also adjust the starting number of the serial with the slider. The “Underscore” button toggles if underscores will be placed before/after the prefix/suffix. (Ordinarily ZB will change all your underscores to hyphens.) Pressing “Rename” will rename only the visible subtools.

This script has to temporarily save the Subtool to rename it. This can make the script somewhat slow with multiple very dense meshes. I have renamed multiple 8-million polygon meshes with this with no problem. HOWEVER…PLEASE save your Tool before using this. You never know.


Thanks again to Marcus for constantly answering my nagging questions!

oooh purdy still loving your scripts.:+1:

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I followed your steps with deleting the “storedpath file”, etc. - but after all zBrush crashed at startup.
Also I overwrite the previous plugin-version, that works for me on mac os x 10.6.8.
Is there a possibility to upload the previous plugin-version again ?

Thanks !

Hmm. I don’t have access to a Mac with Zbrush so I havn’t tested it at all on a Mac. I will see if I still have the previous version.

Just so I know that its not something else. Could you list the files that are in the “NicksToolsdata” folder?

Sorry, I deleted all files!
With new downloaded files, zBrush crashed at startup.
The “NickTools Data” folder has the same content I downloaded before installing.

With the previous version I can start zBrush and test it again :slight_smile:

The Hide subtools options are very useful. Thanks for the updates!

This plugin is really useful thanks.

Hi Nyx702, just real quick (for now, I visit so many posts up here with such cool art like yours)… real great artwork you produce. I have viewed most of your art and it’s all excellent, but, I mainly liked your MECHA TANK (did you ever finish that one i.e. polypainted?) and believe it or not, the gun for the girl with the armor suite. I REALLY like how that weapon turned out. You most certainly inspire. Draw on my fellow artist, draw on (or should that be sculpt or both?)

I have implemented a Quick/Iterate Save feature as requested by someone on Polycount. Svengali has made a great QuickSave plugin but I wanted to try my hand :slight_smile:


Sorry. No Gif for this. Should be pretty self-explanatory.

To start the “Iterate Save”, first chose or create a file with the “Set Save” button. In most cases you will be choosing the file you already have open however you can create a new name for the iterations if you wish. Then whenever “Iterate Save” is pressed a copy of your current tool will be saved. You can hotkey this button to quickly save.

If “S” button is enabled the original file will be overwritten too (on by default). This works for both Ztools and Zprojects.


Don´t work on mac. Crashed at startup!

Same behavior like the previous plugin release on mac os x 10.6.8.

I take the previous, previous version. This version is running!

Hope you fix it soon for mac!

Thanks very much Nick!

plugin all always welcomme and your’s look good thanks

Your plugin is amazing thanks.

The older version works great for me on the Mac but the new ones crash ZBrush on load :cry:<style id="_clearly_component__css" type=“text/css”>#next_pages_container { width: 5px; hight: 5px; position: absolute; top: -100px; left: -100px; z-index: 2147483647 !important; } </style>

I got ahold of Marcus here and he figured out why it wasn’t working on a Mac. We should have it working on Mac’s plus some new scripts very soon!


I added a few Miscellaneous scripts and I made a new sub-section for the new SubD related scripts. A couple bugs were fixed. A UI issue that caused buttons to overlap and something that was causing the batch rename Set to store incorrectly.

And probably the biggest fix for this update is, thanks to Marcus, it now works on Mac! Go Marcus!


New Features

  • ExportOptions: This script will toggle the Subtool Export Options, Texture, Merge UV Cords, and Sub Group, for all your Subtools. This is a minor annoyance but with large/many subtools Mrg UVs can be time consuming and has been known to crash Zbrush.

  • Undo/Redo All: These buttons will Undo or Redo multiple times on each visible Subtool. How many times the script Undo/Redos is based on the “Amt” slider. This is perfect if you want to Undo actions that happen to all subtools such as Decimation.

  • All SubTools to SubD level: this script is the same as it has been in the past however it is now used with the “All Minus” and “All Plus” buttons.

  • All Minus/Plus: These buttons will go up or down SubDivision levels for all visible based on the SubD Lvl slider. If the slider is at 3 then pressing “All Minus” will take all your subtools down 3 SubD levels from their current.

  • 1-9 buttons: Pressing these will put your SubD level at the number indicated. Ideally these would be hotkeyed for quick SubD level changes.

  • H button: Puts the active subtool at the highest SubD level.


Thanks for useful plugin and the new mac update! Work fine on OS X now :slight_smile:

best regards

Shoot! I forgot to mention a feature!

With the 1 thru 9 buttons. If you mesh doesn’t have SubD levels, pressing one of those buttons will divide that many times. So if you press “5” it will be like essentially pressing “Divide” five times.

Thanks everyone!

hope the autosave works ;D