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Hi =)

I upload my R2D2 Model. I haven’t still finished it.

I hope you like it :smiley:

Sin título-1.jpg

Sin título-2.jpg

Sin título-3.jpg

With polypaint


Only with material


I think he came out well.

Thank you :smiley:

Hey, nice job! I love robots, you did R2 good here. Try to layer your dirt. I’ve been using layers recently and it’s great fun.

Thank you very much for the comment KenKong ;).
I try it and I update the post when I will do :smiley:

Excellent Work!

Thank you very much dantehguerra :smiley:

Hi =)

I have been doing Iron Man helmet. I haven’t still finished but I show you my model in progress =D


New update: Iron Man helmet


My new character: head

BkSouQeCUAAUtqV (1).jpg

nice work so far

Thank you very much TomatoVFX :wink:

I think according to your passion for sculpting robots hmm are you going to make the head character looking like cyborg or something ? just curious …

haha no no, I am doing prince of persia =D. I try to sculpt all kind of designs :D. But you have reason, I love to sculpt robots xD

Prince of persia that sounds interesting , i’m totally waiting it :+1:

I hope the result will be good :smiley:

This model is still in progress :smiley:


I am working in the character’s body. I hope you like it =)

Sin título-1.jpg

N7 suit (in proccess)

Sin título-1.jpg

N7 Suit (in proccess)

Sin título-1.jpg


Sin título-1.jpg