My works

here are some of my arts works that i did during this year learn alot of things
hope u enjoy it!


01 (2).jpg

01 (3).jpg


02 (2).jpg

02 (3).jpg




Here is Cave troll and skull sculpt i did for warming up after 40 days being far away from work LOL
hope u like it

Aside those parts that I mentioned before, looks really nice.:wink:

tnx my friend

I made this character based on an afghan old man face which sell books Close to my house back in Afghanistan and then I decided to make this bust and improve my skills as well,LOL
Hope you like it Cheerrss!!!

Excellent work on the last sculpt! Lots of personality in that old mans face! :slight_smile:

tnx for nice word man

Hey Everyone!!! this is my latest artwork i’ve been working on it lately, so finally got time to finished him.
Hope u like it !!!

More shots from Zbrush…:D;)


I tried to study some cloth In MD & Zbrush and here is it, for Left hand i simply copied the right Sleeve for left side in zbrush,
Hope u like it Cheersss!!!

Here is my new Character “Marine” I started from Zsphere and used MD for pants and a bit of max modeling for boots…
Hope u like it

Here are more shots …

Nice sculpting job on the muscles.

Tnx Buddy Glad u like it

Early WIP of My Wolverine :D;)
ZBrush Document.jpg

New Updates of my wolverine …

Hey Guys…
this is a personal project ,working on wolverine and i gotta say that I love this character so i decided to do a likeness of this guy, had a lot of fun with this one.
Hope u like it Cheerrrsssss…

can you render front, side and 3/4 views but orthographic and Tpose? would like to help you achieve some likeness with some paint over

I hope you dont mind, I did a small paintover with a collage of some of your renders to have the full body

As for blocking, you would say just extended the arms and scale a bit up the head. Bulge the belt and the belthandle like below and you will match my references (Hugh Jackman ref from Xmen Day of Future past database)

Maybe weird tyhose long arms, but I assure you its the case.

After, we could talk about the likeness of the face.