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Hi Everybody!!!

My name is Javier Ureña and I’m a digital sculptor, working mainly in the wargame industry. I thought it was time to show my works here so here you are a couple of miniatures I sculpted for various companies. All sculpts were 3D printed and produced massively by different companies.

Hope you like them :wink:








More miniatures…

awesome looking sculpts. would love to see pictures of the actual prints and models?

what scale are these?

what machine were these printed with?

Thanks C4th,

You can check the final product of some of them here:


I don’t have images of the 3D printed models, sorry.

I’m not sure which machine they use, each company has its preferences. I know Corvus Belli uses an Envisiontec but not sure which model.

All are printed in a 30mm scale, from 28mm to 40mm the biggest ones.

Awesome stuff, Javier! Any chance you can post some ZBrush screenshots?

Thanks a lot ZMichael!!!

I’m going to take a well deserved vacation during next two weeks so I’m going to be a bit disconnected. Anyway, as soon as I’m back I’ll post some detailed Zbrush screenshots :wink:

Hi guys,

My God, I haven’t posted anything new since July!!! I’m going to try to be more active here… I hope

After being very busy for a long time I had time to make a couple of quick renders of an old sculpt I did a year ago. A year is too much time and probably I’d chage a couple of things here and there, but not now :wink:

Crits & comments really welcome.Demon-KS00.jpgDemon-KS01.jpgDemon-KS02.jpgDemon-KS03.jpgDemon-KS04.jpgDemon-KS05.jpgDemon-KS06.jpgDemon-KS07.jpg

Zbrush screenshots…

Beautifully unique style and amazing sculpting. Awesome results. Top Row art. Can’t wait to see your texturing. :+1:

Thank you very much SoDakZbrusher! I’m planning to texture it but I don’t have too much time for this kind of personal projects. Anyway it’s something I’m going to do for sure :wink:

I love this Javier, really nice work. I’m a big fan of your miniatures too, will we see more in the future?

Hey James, thank you very much mate :slight_smile:

I’m a great fan of your work too, I’m completely in love with your last project, those creepy crows are amazing.

Yes, you’ll see a lot more miniatures in the future, I’ll try to upload them here and Artstation :wink: