My work

Hello guys,

This is my latest work I have been working in my free time, the character is based upon Du Showwhy and Yang Qi concept art.

Everything is sculpting in zbrush and rendered with maya v-ray and compiled in photoshop.

hopefully will be able to see 3dprint screen shot soon.

hope you guys like it.


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impeccable modeling, and very fantastic design,
it’s pretty to look at, and it’s a shame to see a nice job without comment, good luck. :+1:

Wow really amazing job with the details!
Looking forward to the 3d print shots :slight_smile:

Absolutely awesome …deserves to b @ top row gallery.
Post the breakup pics too, pls

Amazing work. Please continue to share. Any breakdown images you can share?

Welcome to the forum! This is awesome work, hope to see more!!

I love the details, did you use FiberMesh for the hair? I’m with gabo1991, any breakdowns? :smiley:

Thank you guys for your comments

Great work! Congrats on making the top row! :+1:

Superb Works,congrats:+1:

Congratulations Pravin for the Top Row… !!!

Congrats Praveen … keep on rocking !!

Congratulations Praveen for top row. It definitely deserves that. Looking forward to see more from you.

now that is something i love to see.
not just the design.
but the surfaces of that models.
the cloth and the way the stone like bones merging with his flesh

he looks really badass (that word for cool warriors and stuff, a never understood as positive first :D)

Very Nice Work And Render

Name Software Render???


Congratulations…really amazing

Great job! just to know, how many polygons?

Amazing work.
Well deserved top row! :+1:

Love it, really great work :smiley: