My (very) humble sketchbook

Howdy (that’s how we greet friends where I’m from).

Still VERY new to ZBrush, but wanted to post this for C&C. Please feel free to rake it over the coals, so to speak.




This is very much a WIP (still working on proportions etc.) but kinda like how it’s evolving. Hope you do as well…


Good work, nothing to be humble about.

Howdy Montanaman! Cool start man! Keep goin’! :+1: !

Hi all,

This is sgt Dobbs. Currently working on his body. He looks over my shoulder and makes sure my polys are clean.

Ten HUT!

Hope you enjoy. Would VERY MUCH welcome some crits, comments, etc.

I like the thought behind them, the cartoon look. It reminds me of a character drawing that people do of Jay Leno or a celebrity. Keep it up.

Adio, etcher and Im - thank you very much. I much appreciate the comments/encouragement.

Here’s another WIP - but I have a question about his cigar. Try as I might, I cannot get the tip of his cigar (where the ash would be) to look realistic. Any suggestions? Comments welcome as always. Thanks for looking.