My Tortoises Likes To Cosplay

Disclaimer: tortoise in these images participated in this cosplay session on its own free will.
This was one of those minimalistic effort cosplays.
Used hair bands(not sure whom they belonged to, lot’s of tangled red hair tho), a balloon, and I’m not sure what’s with the nunchucks.
They seemed kinda realistic, like tiny realistic nunchucks. Pfft.

The model was built from ground up in Zbrush. All the details are hand sculpted and hand painted, meaning, I did not use any third party alphas or brushes or any photoscanned or photographed textures… Everything posed in Zbrush too.
Rendered in Corona, 3ds max.
This tortoise model is available as a 3d asset in couple variants on my gumroad/artstation store - -

damir-g-martin-bottom-clay damir-g-martin-top-clay damir-g-martin-side-clay


So cute. I love the balloons.

Very nice​:blush: