Hello Everyone,

This Time I have decided to participate in Thus Challenge…I had lots of plans…but as usual i am unable to give proper time …so at the end need to change lots of plan…but yes I finally completed my entry and uploaded within time

I made My Concept art in rough format first with the story for my entry which is here :

Story :

The Tribe:
Mili (My Main Character) is from THU Tribe and she is a warrior. She is expecting, and has entered in her last week of pregnancy. She lost her husband who served his life in a war just few weeks back.
So she came to the Graveyard to sit beside her Husband’s Grave stone. She shares every moment with her husband at the end of the day
The tribe is waiting eagerly to know about mili’s new born baby. What will be his/her role in tribe in future - the attendees (warriors) / the volunteers (soldiers) / the speakers (knights)/ the press (messengers) or the Ambassador ……

Here is the Concept art :

Well The I started sculpt with the statue of her husband…here is the final render of what i taken of him from zbrush

Then I sculpted the horse and the my main character…here is the render of them…

Sculpting :

Applied shader with light from zbrush

As there was less time left so I decided to apply all texture in Photoshop and did rest painting in photoshop too

For my composition there i had a requirement of a wall…which i created using nano brush in zbrush…which is really easy :slight_smile:

And after everything done here is my final composition from Photoshop which I have submitted as final entry

I am happy that i am able to submit it withing time and yes it was a nice experience

Thanks for watching…
Best Regards