My take on Logan (WIP)

Funny someone else just took on a Wolverine project.

Barring any substantial crits, this is the torso I am going with. The pants and boots I am going to model entirely in Max, with sub-ds.

I know that its a heated debate as to whether or not he should have those wounds- my thought is that he’s just been attacked by Sabertooth and is whipping out the guns to say, “ITS ON!!!”


but if he’d just been attacked, surely he’d have dropped his cigar.:wink:

quality work. Only crit for me is the pinching of the pectorals.

Keep us updated. looking good.


torso sides look too smooth, u should detail it a little more. great modeling

Awesome modelling!!! I really dig the muscles on the back. Great work with the facial detail as well.

Nice work on him. Like the claw pop details.

Great anatomy and modeling, no crits.

compared to his bicept i would think his tricept would be bigger. He does do alot of punching after all, not pulling =)

very nice work, i like it.

sweet job! love it when peeps model comic characters. the hair is looking really nice. i’d make those sideburns go a little further down towards his chin…but yours look great. that’s just me.

are you going to do a sabertooth too?

I haven’t decided yet but have definitley thought about it. Doing the coat could make for some fun-ness.

I have about 5 projects in my mind that I wanna do, so I might wait a bit and come back to Sabertooth after some diversion.


another great wolve with its own feeling. looks nicely familar, very good job!


That’s a really nice sculpt. The anatomy looks, good as is plenty of muscle seperation without being over rendered. I like the wounds, he doesn’t heal instantly after all. I maybe showing my age, but I remember a time when he took days to heal from a sword thrust.

Can you post up the level 1 mesh, I’m always curious to see anothers process?

Here’s the legs added.

This model had a really rough start…

Originally, it was little more than a sketch and I never intended anything more of it. As such the base mesh for the torso was built in about 15 mins with little or no effort or thought given to what would be his fists.

I kind of liked where it was going, but I got a good ways into sculpting before realizing the hands were completely jacked and I’d need 7 divisions to get any nice shaping there. I should have stopped. Instead I had a great idea to loop in new fist geometry in ZB, and that began my problems. I started him very static in pose for the sake of ease in sculpting, but the looping for some reason prevented me from taking division one out to Max to pose and back in. This is something I had not encountered before. I tried every setting imaginable, spending more time trying to fix the issue than it would have taken me to remodel the existing work three times over. But I was determined to find a workaround, lest I hit the issue again. At any rate, I sent to torso to a Lightwave user and had him quickly pose my mesh and lo and behold, the obj worked when exported out of LW. The two apps write the obj differently.

Then came adding the legs and boots- an overall simple job in Max. I actually modeled the bulk of the wrinkles in the base mesh- 90% of that is cut in, and just sharpened or softened as needed in ZB. I did incise the seam line down the sides of the legs in ZB- its about the only detail that was solely formed entirely in displacement.

Anyway. I’m tired of looking at this file. I learned one thing: never take anything into ZB that is sloppy. If you do, it will bite you in the arse, I promise.




I have always been a big fan of the x-men. Even as a small kid I would spend hours reading an x-man comic book over and over again. And wolverine was always my favorite next to nightcrawler. You have done a very good job of capturing his demenour and agressive nature. Keep it up.

at last logan who has a realistic anatomy, most of them i see have so big muscles, taht it would be immposible for them to fiight quickly :]
5 stars from me :] hope to see this in top row :smiley: