My son

Hi all this is somthing i was wanting to do for a while now but always got carried away doing other stuff (MONSTERS) all off the top of my head
this is the 1st time ive tryed to model something from a photo reference in zbrush.
spent a few hours tonight on this and this is what i got so far still a lot of tweeks to be done but i thought id texturise it using z-project just to see how it looked.
this i my son and i hope to have this finnished this week as he will be having his 1st birthday
C&C Welcome

p.s love Z3

my son jpg.jpg


my son update2.jpg

looks good so far, i can easily tell its a baby. some parts of the model like the bottom of the nose and the lips need to be crisper and more defined. keep pushing those shapes and i think this will be an awesome sculpt. also now that you have the texture applied you can see where the shadows are and thus get an idea of where to concentrate your strokes. I know you just started this but go down a couple sub division levels and tweek out those major shapes some more before going up another level. keep it up! :+1:

looking really nice man! post the final product I would love to see it!

Thanks corycosper and stalsby for your possitive feedback

corycosper-im not 100% happy with the eye lids nose and mouth and thank you for your advice will play around tweeking these areas alot more :wink:
will post more updates for you both to see the progress as its nice to have other opinions as sometimes others can see faults that i cannot.

" got carried away doing other stuff (MONSTERS) "

but babies are monsters!! :smiley:

good start indeed… i would hold off on texturing until u think its PERFECT! but other then that keep working on the model and getting it more precise… After all u have a life like model in front of u =0

yes you right there my 3 can be real monsters somtimes:lol:
i am holding back on the texturising as i want to get a better photo of him only done it to see how it would look.
had a bit of time this morning to do a few tweeks still not happy with it but heres a update
as usual C&C welcome:D
[attach=62592]my son update3.jpg[/attach]


my son update3.jpg

the model seems farily accurate from the photo u have but yes… i agree with what u said… get another picture and reference from that.

The wonderful thing about working in any 3d program is the ability to have multiple references to what you are making right in front of you. Whether it be on another monitor or in your sketchbook. Whenever i try to model something more realistic i tend to have multiple images of what im modeling from different angles… perspectives etc etc.

keep it up. :+1:

Ive gotta give this a go too!!I noticed on my scrutinise ,where the cheek reveals the ear (to our left in your real photo) there is a curve to the cheek more apparent than you have modeled so far.Also the ears are more visable in the photo.Just a little tho…

Super work man!

Thank you Zanrok and calum for your replys

Zanrok:Not to easy trying to get side views of my son as hes a little poser and likes to look at me while taking a pic :lol: ill have to get some others while he sleeps:D
Calum:i see now what your saying about the cheek will go and correct that now as for the ears i havent worked on them yet only roughed them out i find ears not so easy to do so tend to leave them till last :wink:

np np… ya… i imagine it must be tough! also just noticed the eyeballs seem a lil too far out… atleast to me… not sure… may want to check those guys out and see if u can bring them back in just a bit more.

Zanrok just had a look at the eye position and im quite happy with them but noticed the ears mouth and head shape need repositiong


eye position.jpg

so far.jpg

Check upper lip - is not a cat for Gods sake apart of that cool - but I dont think that this texture projection will be looking good at the end - picture is milky, desaturated… Really you should think about retopology it and painting proper texture not just project poor quality picture.

[Nice kid btw - have REALLY english look. I am missing London a bit - I was living there for 2 years, then move on. Cannot stand that halal food everywhere and multicultural political correctness forced in by people in pijamas and long beards…]