My Sketchbook

Starting my sketchbook finally… any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated





Good start mate, definently keep it going!:slight_smile:
Did you paint a lot in photoshop? Or is this really the render which came out of zbrush?
Would be great to see the sculpt!:+1:
Will keep an eye on your progress,
Best regards and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny

thanks kenny,
this is the actual render out of zbrush, i’m still trying to learn the basics of zbrush rendering.
the only photoshop touchup i did was the focus blurr that i put on the hair, i wish i wouldve waited till zbrush4r2b came out though because that fibermesh is incredible.

here is the unrendered version
this was a quicksculpt i did in about 8 hours.
started with a sphere in and never left zbrush <3 dynamesh

i think with a smile that wide and high it would push his cheeks up a lot, to me it looks like conflicting shapes

yes i reworked the cheeks multiple times but ultimately gave a more subtle lift on the cheeks, believe it or not that what my reference’s face looks like :stuck_out_tongue:


good fur on the lions head…I like the joker too…good stuff

thanks a lot man :smiley: it’s always nice to be complimented by a fellow artist

I made this anvil as a little miniproject for my screen saver at work. 5 hours. it’s a forge anvil / drafting light table

nice sculpt. :+1: :smiley:

thanks you sir