My selected subtool turns red. Any way to change the color ?


each time I select a different subtool, this new selected subtool turns red and the other one wich was selected goes back to its normal color.

Is there a way to change the red color to something else ? I have seen in the tutorial videos that the selected subtool was the same color as it was before but turned into a darker color. Do you know how to do that on ZBrushCore?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like it’s the Polyframe option that turns the selected mesh into red color…

Any way to change this color ?

Red is the default color for a single polygroup. Press Tool>Polygroups>Group Visible to change it. If you want to turn off the color but see the wireframe you can click off the little “Fill” word in the PolyF button on the right of the interface (or in the Transform palette).

Thank you @marcus_civis, I just had found the way you describe!
Thanks a lot!