My return to ZBrush!


[font=Times New Roman’, ‘serif][font=Times New Roman’, 'serif]This is really my “first” sculpture in ZBrush 3.1. All the jobs I have had over the last few years have never needed it to be used.
Now that I’m between jobs, I finally have some time to learn it. A lot sure has changed since version 2! :smiley:

I started with a great default head from modo 401 Contents by Jacques Defontaine. If you have seen my website, you will notice I have a few zombie/dead heads already on my site. What can I say, I like the “Living Dead”…in fact, the of the first films I worked on in Makeup Effects was George A. Romero’s “Day of the Dead”.<O:p</O:p

I hope you all like it. There is really some GREAT work on this site!

I now need to make NEW sculptures…and not more a zombies.

Cool piece, welcome!

There’s some amazing traditional work on your website, as great as your resume :slight_smile:

Post more! :smiley:


Welcom back Roger!! Going to make it to SIG this year?

Hope all is well…and ther eis nothing wrong with zombies.

Take care

Welcome back
Great start on the zombyhead.
As Ville sayd great work on your site amazing clay works.
Makes me want to have clay.
If you not have yet check out clay tubes in combination with flatten tool.
I think its what resembles real sculpting with clay best.

Ville - Thanks!
Greg - Thanks, this will be my first year in many, that I will not be going to Siggraph! :cry:
Disco Stu -Thanks! I will look more into those tools. So much to learn… :slight_smile:

Welcome back!

Gotta love 3.1, I can’t wait till 4.0 comes out. and can’t wait to see more of your work. nice site!

Thanks Kris! I hope to post a new sculpt very soon.

I am looking forwad to ZB4! :slight_smile:

also try turning gravity on when you sculpt (if you haven’t already), it might feel more natural when you work especially since you work with real clay too

this zombie kind of reads more as a drawing than a 3d sculpture, not sure why

good work though… and i was on your website enjoying the view
lots of canceled disney films, what’s wrong with disney ? lol

take care

Here is my latest sculpt.
Just a old-man-character head…made to look like a rough-sculpture.
broadstroke - I have not tried turning gravity yet but I will test it out! :+1:
Disco Stu - Clay tubes played a big part in making this model. :+1:


Here are my two ZB heads rendered in modo.




You got some great sculpts. Lots of character. I’m also a big fan of the first 3 Romero dead films. I think he lost his mojo recently.The third has the best makeup, really loved the jawless zombie and the brain zombie.

when I get some freetime (rare these days) I will check out your site.

Thanks womball!

I really like “Dawn of the Dead”. When it came out I think I saw it about 6 times, but I also liked “Day of the Dead”. I agree that “Day” had the best makeup effects, but for it’s time, “Dawn” was really good.

Really like the zombie head…:+1: cal

Awesome website too. I love the animated character designs you have on yours site. TShe one with the rotoscoped over maya animation sounds really cool. Lorenzo I believe its called.

Here is a character that I’m making in ZB. It started out as a human head made in modo. I wanted to make it “fun” and scary. These are just ZB renders.