My Ms Feb (RedBeard Tutorial)

Getting along on the modeling for this tutorial.
Just starting to detail the jeans.
I did a few things a little different just to see if I could.
Critiques welcome.


Ms Feb.jpg

Great Progress. I don’t have any critiques at the moment. Looks fairly close to reference.

Keep up the great work.


Looks good…never had a chance to go through all myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

Nice !

Finally finished up my version of the Ms Feb tutorial by Red Beard).
Hope you like it.
Critiques are always welcome.
Final 11.jpgFinal 9.jpg


Final 10.jpg

Looks good. I think there’s a low angle light that’s hitting the face a little awkwardly - the nose for instance looks nicer on the T pose.

I think you are right. Thanks
I have nowt been able to figure out how to use the lights in zbrush.
I would assume there is a way to make lights where you want them and see them in a scene but I can’t find how. My lighting ability is awful.
Where can I I find more on how to use the lighting correctly?
Thanks again,

I’d suggest you search for ‘lighting’ or ‘rendering’ in the zclassroom on the pixologic site. They have good resources. You’ll find zbrush isn’t like max or maya, where you can see the lights and cameras - it works a little differently.

Tried new lighting after watching a lesson on lighting.
I think it’s better but not great.
Still think there is an odd shadow on her nose but I can’t figure where it’s from.
All the lights are located high.
Moving them didn’t seem to affect that shadow much.
Final 12.jpg

I decided to rework the models and render then in Keyshot. Then composite with Photoshop. It’s not perfect but I think it’s better than the bad render I did before. Comments are appreciated.