My Little Mazinger

Hi! A little over two and a half years ago I started this project of making my own Mazinger - My Little Pony figure.
It has over 106 pieces not including springs, magnets and LED’s and has 20 points of articulation and is over 7 inches tall.
Mazinger was the Shogun Warrior I wanted most as a child but never found one, for this figure I was inspired by some MLP fan art and took this was my chance to try out some hard surface 3d modeling and printing . This was my first foray into painting with lacquers and 3d printing for articulation, I learned a lot but it was a struggle to make it all work. I used Shapeways polyamide for the body, i.materialise grey resin for the head and 3D Hubs to print the eyes in Zeroclear. I made a mistake in not taking into account paint thickness when I modeled the tolerances of the parts, everything had to adjusted and this also created paint chipping so every part ended up being repainted a few times. Good to know for the future though.
Almost all of the modeling was done before the release of the Zmodeler brush so I had to use the old low-poly zb workflow with booleans.
I had never done anything with articultion before, I used a very helpful zscript by the wonderful Marcus_Civis that stores the position of the Transpose Line. This allowed me to quickly change and test the position, scale and rotation of joints. Engineering the rocket launcher to actually fire took a lot of tweaking and iterations but Zbrush made this so easy.
I used Keyshot for the two boxart photos and the outline insert.
I finally have my own Marezinger and couldn’t be happier, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Youtube link of launcher firing https://youtu.be/IZOF_MKSj5M
Original fanart: http://warrenhutch.deviantart.com/art/Marezinger-Z-246625509
Store Transpose script: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?194009-store-transpose-action-line&p=1141574&viewfull=1#post1141574
Keyshot box art and insert:
Internal boolean to hollow-out and halve launcher:
LED’s in operation:






some additional pics, two early versions:
belly decal, pilot and launcher mechanism:

leg mechanics crossection:

cant believe has no replies, great work!!!

Fantastic work, really stunning!

Seriously, why hasn’t this gotten more attention? It’s FANTASTIC! I love seeing something that isn’t just a statue, that has articulation and light features. This is relevant to my interests. :smiley: