My Joker :S

Still an Amateur but had a go at New 52 Joker. No experience or prior knowledge to Zbrush or modelling other than that ive youtubed or read about on forums. Started in around Feb learning…

Dont be too harsh lol



I’m also Doing a DOTF new 52 Joker http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?194997-DOTF-Coming-soon And I really like your sculpting, I’m trying to keep mine low poly and still haven’t finished my fiber mesh layer, I suggest finding a different program to do your actual texturing in instead of just sculpting in ZbrushJokerDOTFInitalSculptFront.jpg(this is mine)

I could texture in another program, or i could even bake my polypaints to textures and render in another program but i think ill leave him as is for now. I was trying to add realistic proportions to the Comic reference i had and think it turned out quite well.

Besides he really started to creep me out lol

What sticks out the most is the front of the noise. You should look at some refres to get those planes in. Keep at it and you will get there so far so good.