My first work-Crucifixion of Jesus

Hello,everyone!this is my first personal art work.
I believe God and I hope I can use this CG art work to present the pains that Jesus had been suffered for mankind and let us know what is grateful ness.
Hope you like it.
The model was created in ZBrush,the lighting and rendering was done in 3dsMax with Vray.








Amazing work, great expression and composition, I just love the way those hands come together.

O.o O.O o.O
am I going to be the first one to say TOP ***IN ROW!!! amazing amazing! sow more of the process please. my mouth is on the floor.

Top row for certain!!! My mouth/jaw just unhinged as well!!! Incredible work!!!

Freaking awesome body!!! TOPROW por sure man. I am cristian to so thanx a lot for this inspiring piece brother

Amazing piece! Everything about this is immaculate… particularly the hands. Very visceral depiction of His sacrifice… great work!

Very beautiful work! Nice to see others using there talents to glorify Jesus!

Many thanks for that unique moment! The point of no return. He knew his way around and he did it for all people.
This moment has taken so awesome.
I feel drawn into this instant and it makes me deepest compassion and understanding to doing this man.
This is in any case my Top Row!



Really amazing wwww TOP ROW

This is incredible work! The point of view really captures the drama and emotion.

amazing work! really enjoyed all the details you put in there, especially the blood spills, any tips on modeling that?


…very intense, my friend!


this is mind blowing ! amazing work!

Very well done :wink:

This is really wonderful! However, when people were crucified, the nails were not hammered into their hands. This is a popular misconception. The nails were hammered into the wrist, just beneath where the hand connects. This was because a person could slip off when the nail tore through the tissue of the hand.

Wonderful skill! Congrats on the Top Row.


Wow - excellent work man!! I hope to see many more from you in the future… I’ve been wanting to do a series of bible-story sculpts myself as I think there would be some really interesting subjects and stories to portray. Very well done here…
love the expression on the face, the details in the hands of the soldiers and the Christ. Marvelous! Great render too. Keep it up! And congrats on top row! :slight_smile:

God bless.

…this is IMPECCABLE work! Kudos to you! Beautifully done! Happy new year, my dude! :smiley:

OMG ! amazing…

Awesome and excellent! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

By far the most amazing ZBrush work I have seen, both for it’s amazing realism and because it has such personal meaning for me. Thanks for sharing brother.