my first time posting here / survivor motorcycle sketch

HI ALL…I hope to spend a bit more time here in the future learning how to do little things one at a time. I remember when someone showed me how to “append”…a whole new world opened up for me !

I’m sure my clumsy methods need a thorough rethink:

What I know I need to figure out next is some good hard surface techniques…anyone suggest what approach I should REALLY be using to complete something like this motorcycle ?



survivor 001.jpg

survivor 002.jpg

survivor 003.jpg

survivor 004.jpg

I usually just grab a 128 sphere and start clay sculpting.

survivor 005.jpg


sketch house.jpg

sketch jungle.jpg

sketch trees.jpg

race 1.jpg

Lembusana 01.jpg


survivor 2 Aug 24.jpgsurvivor Aug 24.jpg